Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 332

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Chapter 332

However, he concealed his disgusting expression very well, and his slender fingers gracefully sandwiched Grace’s restless fingers, Jacob’s gaze fell on her hand, and then his big hand wrapped her little hand.

The familiar touch comes back again.

The thin, soft fingers were weakly pinched by him.

Jacob’s eyes burst into ecstasy.

Grace secretly complained, she has taken the initiative to become such a virtue, why hasn’t he pushed her away?

She simply rolled her body into his arms. She was not wearing a coat, and the clothes were thin. This action was really not done by a good family woman.

The bottom of Jacob’s eyes instantly became cold.

Bai Suyuan actually let her betray him and pay the customers, which is hateful.

Seeing the cold air in Jue Jacob’s eyes, Grace felt that her strategy had worked. Simply more wild hands around his neck…

He whispered, “Shao Zhan is here today, isn’t it for Xingyue’s script? I know Shao Zhan is stingy…”

Jacob gazed at the woman in his arms suddenly, did she know that he had no resistance to her at all, but she wanted to wrap him around him like a snake.

“It’s a mere script, why did our Zhan clan look at it?” Jacob clasped Grace hard.

“I’m just curious, what kind of stunner assistant Bai Suyuan hired to steal Han Xuan’s business?”

Grace was hugged tightly by him, only to feel that her chest was squeezed and her breathing started to become difficult.

“You saw Shao Zhan now. I took away Xuan Shao’s script.” Grace blinked innocent eyes, but she secretly smelled of sulking.

Jacob lifted her chin and said, “You are very capable. But I have to remind you that it is not enough to have popular scripts. You have to star in top stars.”

“Shao Zhan rest assured, our Bai family is not short of top stream.”

Jacob laughed, “Fool, there is only one top class.”

Grace emerged from his arms, her smile was missing a little bit.

Jacob sorted out the wrinkled clothes, and a proud smile appeared on his handsome face.

This faint smile seemed to blow away thousands of pear blossoms, dazzling and intoxicating.

Bai Suyuan was very depressed, and Jacob had done it openly against him.

Bai’s script was snatched away, and then he had to compete with Zhan’s top star.

It looks like there is another tough battle to be fought.

At this time, there was a turning point.

Jacob suddenly said, “Bai Suyuan, give me this beautiful assistant, I will give you the top star. How?”

Bai Suyuan and Grace looked at each other.

This guy is really a drunkard, not drinking?

Bai Suyuan smiled and said, “rose, Shao Zhan wants to poach you, you are really lucky.”

Grace took a breath, Jacob really came for her?

Does he admire her name, or has he doubted her identity?

“Zhan Shao’s love really makes her flattered. It’s just that she has a contract with the Bai family and cannot leave for the time being.” Grace would rather die than return to him and be imprisoned by him.

Jacob Falcon’s gaze fell on Bai Suyuan, “The contract is not a contract for selling, and I will pay the penalty for you.”

Bai Suyuan looked embarrassed. “It’s not a matter of liquidated damages. There is little war, Rose is outstanding. We Bai’s need her very much!”

Grace hurriedly agreed, “The Zhan clan is full of talents, and I may not be able to use it when I go to the Zhan clan. Besides, I would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail. I’d rather stay in the Bai clan.”

“Rose, you are the first woman to reject me in the Imperial Capital.”

Also the only one.

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