Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 333

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Chapter 333

Jacob’s sharp cold light cast on Bai Suyuan, although he did not speak, but it made Bai Suyuan’s soul tremble with a sense of dying.

Bai Suyuan’s ghost envoy said, “Young Master Zhan, whether it’s Xingyue’s script or my beautiful assistant, you can take it if you want it.”

Jacob looked at Grace who was resisting-lost in thought.

Instead of letting her keep running away, it would be better to put her in a place he knew well.

At least he can guard her from a distance.

“No need.”

He said the words of rejection, but in his heart he was thinking about how to let her enter his Wuzhishan obediently.

But at this moment, Zhan Hanxuan broke in.

Seeing the weird atmosphere in the room, Zhan Hanxuan walked to Jacob and asked quietly, “Brother, have you snatched the script back?”

Jacob did not speak.

Zhan Hanxuan yelled, “No, brother, brother, my admiration for you is like a surging river…don’t let me down!”

Jacob cast his unpredictable gaze on Grace’s face, “Did Luo Zitong cry?”

Zhan Hanxuan was shocked, the brain circuit of eldest brother was too jumping.

“I didn’t cry but I was in a bad mood.”

A hint of worry appeared in Grace’s eyes.

Jacob’s eyebrows were dyed with a smile, “Miss her mother?”

“Who knows?” Zhan Hanxuan shook his head vigorously when he remembered the scene of the three little demon kings bullying him.

“Not likable at all.”

The hidden worry in Grace’s eyes magnified…

Surprisingly, Jacob did not scold Zhan Hanxuan, but nodded in agreement, “That child is not as easy to get along with as my family Derek, nor is it as easy to cause trouble as my family Jas. In the future, you will try to avoid her in front of her Provoke her.”

Zhan Hanxuan was shocked…

Is Faith his eldest daughter?

When I was in the Tourmaline Manor, he did all the good things about Faith, right?

“Big brother, don’t worry, I will definitely be far away from her in the future.”

There was a painless smile on Jacob’s face.

In his heart, he was thinking about how to cut Zhan Hanxuan a thousand swords. Ah dare to dislike his baby girl.

Grace’s expression is a bit out of control…

Bai Suyuan was afraid that she would show her feet, and suddenly choked up.

Grace’s thoughts were disturbed, and soon recovered her composure.

Arrogantly walked in front of Zhan Hanxuan, showing the winner’s smile, “Shao Xuan, is this Master Laixing’s questioning?”

Zhan Hanxuan was choked by Grace, “If you don’t get cheap, you still sell well.”

Turned around to face Jacob and acted like a coquettish, “Big brother, look, this woman is too arrogant. You must be the master for me, clean up her.”

Jacob is full of laughter!

Even if she stabbed the sky down, he was afraid that he was reluctant to clean her up.

“Han Xuan, let’s go.” Jacob turned and left.

Zhan Hanxuan stunned, “Just left?”

Grace waved at him triumphantly, “No.”

Zhan Hanxuan looked depressed.

Coming out of the Central Building, Zhan Hanxuan was indignant.

“Brother, you can tolerate this little assistant being so arrogant in front of us. Why don’t you take out your courage and destroy her?”

Jacob stared at him angrily, “Get in the car.”

Zhan Hanxuan opened the rear door and sat in.

Jacob scolded, “Sit in front.”

Zhan Hanxuan looked at the luxurious and spacious interior, only to realize that there was no driver.

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