Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 334

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Chapter 334

He got out again depressed and sat in the driver’s seat obediently. Turn on the Tucao mode, “Brother, you are a billionaire CEO, but you still have to drive by yourself?

If I were you, I would hire seven private drivers, changing from Monday to Sunday. “

“If drivers are as boring as you, I would rather drive by myself.” Jacob said.

Zhan Hanxuan smacked, “It’s really hard to talk to you people with autism.”

“Where to go?” Zhan Hanxuan asked.

“Media Asia.”

Zhan Hanxuan sent Jacob to Huanya and left.

Jacob said, “You follow me up and learn about Media Asia’s corporate culture by the way.”

Zhan Hanxuan cried and said, “Big Brother, I beg you, let me be merciful. It’s not that you didn’t know me, you didn’t love learning since you were young.”

“Grandpa asked me to help you.”

“Oh, you really take it seriously! You just put your left ear in and right ear out, why bother yourself. You don’t know, the teachers who have taught me only have one comment: You can’t teach you!”

“You know yourself well.”

Zhan Hanxuan laughed happily, “Big Brother, there is only one advantage left in my body. I’m leaving now.”

“Come back.” Jacob scolded sharply.

“Oh, big brother…” Zhan Hanxuan retreated, “Are you sure you want to teach me?”

“Let’s go.”

Zhan Hanxuan drooped his head and followed Jacob to the ninth floor.

But stopped at the secretary desk, chatting with the beautiful secretary lady. “Miss Sister, you have been in Media Asia for so many years, why are you still so beautiful?”

The secretary was overwhelmed by his praise. “Xuan Shao just can talk.”

“I’m surprised that Media Asia is so busy at work, and you have to face President Bingberg every day. There is no endocrine disorder?”

Jacob stopped and looked back.

“Are you free?”

Zhan Hanxuan grabbed his unruly and quickly followed.

“Big brother, don’t you be so serious, will you scare the beautiful secretary?”

After entering the president’s office, Jacob threw a stack of folders to Zhan Hanxuan, “This is a successful case of Bai’s film and Television Company manipulating the film industry. Take a look.”

Zhan Hanxuan opened the cover page and immediately jumped up, “Is this in French?”

“Is there a problem?” Jacob was speechless when he was surprised.

“Brother, they know me, don’t I know them?”

“What have you learned while studying in France?”

“Big brother, French blondes are really romantic. I am sorry for the high tuition if I go to France without talking about a few vigorous romances. Are you right?”

Seeing Jacob’s murderous gaze, Zhan Hanxuan begged for mercy, “I can only say it, I won’t recognize it.”

Jacob threw him a translation dictionary, “translate them.”

Zhan Hanxuan looked at the densely packed small characters, only to feel dizzy.

Lost the dictionary and confronted Jacob, “Big Brother, you should kill me. You let me translate, I can’t do it.”

The corner of Jacob’s lips pulled out a sneer of sinister prey…

Sample, still can’t clean you up.

“Before dark, if I can’t see the Chinese version, you will wait for a reunion dinner with your half-brothers and sisters tomorrow.”

Zhan Hanxuan’s face was pale.

“you are vicious.”

Then sat at the desk obediently and translated it word by word.

Jacob looked at Zhan Hanxuan, who was working hard at his desk, and his eyes were dark and unclear.

Grandpa refused to let the children from outside the house live in Tourmaline Manor, just because he wanted to protect Hanxuan and them.

If one day, Han Xuan and the others are full of wings and can be alone, maybe the old man will let go and let the blood of the outer chamber recognize the ancestor.

After all, in the heart of the old lady, he still hopes to see the reunion of the warriors.

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