Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 335

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Chapter 335

It’s hard to get past get off work hours.

Zhan Hanxuan threw the folder aside, stood up and stretched, then walked to the office door.

Guan Xiao blocked the door, “Xuan Shao, the president specially confessed that if you have not finished translating the documents handed to you, you are not allowed to leave the company.”

Zhan Hanxuan put a hand on Guan Xiao’s shoulder affectionately, showing a standard fox smile, “Guan Xiao, where is my brother?”

Guan Xiao said, “The whereabouts of the president is a secret of the company and there is no comment.”

Zhan Hanxuan looked at the empty office, “If you don’t tell me, I know, my brother must have left Media Asia, right?”

Guan Xiao was silent.

Zhan Hanxuan changed his face faster than flipping a book, and instantly became sullen, “Guan Xiao, will you get out of me?”

Guan Xiao remained indifferent.

Zhan Hanxuan raised his fist, “Believe it or not I beat you?”

“Shao Xuan can try.”

Zhan Hanxuan said that when it was too late, it was fast, and his fist struck it like lightning.

Guan Xiao calmed down and turned his face slightly, avoiding his fist.

Zhan Hanxuan’s fist hit the door, and he picked it up in pain.

“Oh?” Zhan Hanxuan blew a few breaths into his fist, and looked at Guan Xiao suspiciously, “Have you practiced?”

“Black belt 9th dan, Sanda champion, long swordsman champion.” Guan Xiao said with a humble expression.

Zhan Hanxuan was stunned, feeling like a beaming clown, lowering his fists.

Hard is not good, but soft again.

Pulling Guan Xiao’s sleeves and acting like a baby, “Guan Ye…Guan Brother…Xiao Guan Guan…You can do it, let me leave.”

Guan Xiao shook his shoulders, splashing goose bumps. He stretched out his hand and said blankly, “Shao Xuan, please go back.”

Zhan Hanxuan sat back on the office chair abruptly.

“Follow my brother, if you don’t study well, just follow him with facial paralysis. Nodding your head will kill you?”

Guan Xiao turned a deaf ear.

Haitian Kindergarten.

Jacob changed to a low-key car and sat in a sealed car. But his gaze stared at the pedestrians passing by the kindergarten.

I don’t know if the play he played this morning can successfully deceive Grace.

As everyone knows, Grace at this moment has long been transformed into an elderly grandmother, standing in the group of student parents eagerly waiting.

She also knows that it is very dangerous to rush to see the child, but she really can’t worry about Faith.

She originally thought that Jacob would treat Faith kindly. But this morning, from his conversation with Zhan Hanxuan, she learned that Jacob still had a prejudice against Faith.

This made her very worried about Faith’s situation.

When the three Mengbao came out, Jacob did not get out of the car to meet them.

Grace stared at the children in a daze, and her eyes flowed with the children.

Jacob glanced at the whole situation, and quickly discovered Grace’s abnormality.

Push the car door and walk down with long legs. Deliberately passed by Grace.

Gray hair, deep wrinkles, sallow skin. These are all relying on superb makeup technology.

But she couldn’t conceal her pair of black and moistened glass pupils, overflowing with young aura.

An evil smile overflowed from Jacob’s eyes, and he turned and walked towards the door.

“Daddy!” Derek and the others saw Jacob and rushed over immediately.

Jacob glanced at Faith indifferently, holding Jason in one hand, and Derek in the other, turning and leaving.

Grace saw Faith walking lonely and lonely behind, and tears burst out instantly.

Turned around and fled in a hurry.

Jacob looked at the rickety back and ran to the distance and straightened up, a smug smile at the corner of his mouth.

At this time, he suddenly turned around and hugged Faith.

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