Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 336

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Chapter 336

“Baby, let’s go home.”

Dark night, shrouded the calendar garden.

Jacob sat quietly on the wooden chair in the courtyard, blending with the night.

Only the diamond watch on the wrist glowed with silvery white light, illuminating the hands.

The hour hand moved to one o’clock in the morning.

Jacob was not sleepy, but the light expected in Yingtong dimmed a little with time.

Suddenly, there was a muffled sound next to him.

A petite figure rose from the ground. As soon as he turned around, he was stopped by a strong mobile phone light.

He raised his arm to cover his eyes, but did not expect the next moment, but was grasped by the wrist like a pliers.


Grace was caught upright and gave up resistance.

“Master Zhan, what do you do to sit here without sleeping at night?” Doglegs pleased.

“Appreciating flowers.” Jacob said.

Grace raised her eyes and looked at the dark night sky—who did he lie to?

“What about you?” Jacob asked rhetorically.

Grace scratched the back of her head and laughed awkwardly, “I seem to be sleepwalking.”

Jacob: “…”

“Awake now?”

Grace nodded, “I woke up after falling.”

Then she grinned at him, “I’m sorry, Zhan Ye, I’m bothering you to enjoy the flowers. I’m leaving now!”

She tried to break free from the hand he was holding, but Jacob didn’t mean to let her go.

“Since it’s here, go in and sit down!”

Grace couldn’t bear to leave without seeing the child. But deliberately pretended to be embarrassed, “Since the war master is kindly invited, I am disrespectful.”

Jacob took her hand and went up from the spiral walking stairs.

Grace was a little puzzled, which ghost place did this spiral walking staircase lead to?

“Zhang Ye, where are we going?”

“You don’t know?” Jacob pretended to be surprised. “It seems that your time in the Calendar Garden is too short.”

Grace: “…”

Why does this make people feel so unreliable?

The spiral staircase leads to a closed room on the third floor. As soon as Grace entered, the door was automatically locked.

Jacob was sitting on the chair in front, his movements were obviously very casual, but he had a noble temperament.

“Grace, you seem to touch my bottom line again.” Jacob leaned forward slightly.

His voice is obviously not warm or emotional, but Grace feels that there are dark clouds above her head, and a storm is about to tyrannize her.

“Zhan Ye, how is Faith doing well recently?” Grace didn’t care about her situation. She missed Faith even more.

“After you left, she cried and called for you every day.” Jacob said.

Grace’s eyes were reddish. “Then did she tell you that she actually belongs to you…”

Before she finished speaking, Jacob interrupted her irritably, “You threw the child to me and only cares about your own happiness? Have you ever thought about how much harm you will bring to your child?”

Grace raised her eyes, “I thought you would treat her kindly. Just like Jas and Derek.”

“Of course I will treat her kindly, because she is my daughter.” Jacob said.

Grace stunned… “You know?”

Suddenly roared, “Since you know that she is your daughter, why do you still abuse her?”

“What right do you have to accuse me, you leave without saying goodbye, abandon her, how is this different from abuse?” Jacob said angrily.

Grace had a guilty conscience and murmured, “Isn’t this the result you want? You are fighting with me in every possible way. Now I don’t fight with you, shouldn’t you be happy?”

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