Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 301

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Chapter 301

At this moment, Taigong Shen felt as if he had a dream.

A nightmare.

“How could this happen! Where is the contract which we were supposed to sign today.”

A trace of dead dust appeared on Taigong Shen’s face.


If he knew this situation long ago, he could have not asked Elvira to bring Shaun to apologize.

It is the opposite now. Instead of apologizing to the Shen family, Shaun snatched away the super contract they were going to sign with Fei Family.

This made Taigong Shen more upset.

Suddenly, the second aunt Cuiping and Shen Ling ran towards Zhou Xian quickly.

The faces of the mother and daughter were filled with strong anger, and they stepped forward and shouted at Zhou Xian:

“Zhou Xian, what are you doing! You knelt in front of that trash door-to-door son-in-law, are you shameless?”

“Yes, husband, what did Gao Zhiyuan said to you? How come you changed your mind?”

The mother and daughter inquire about the changing behavior of Zhou Xian.

However, Shen Ling’s still shouting at him!


He slapped her face fiercely, and suddenly a bright red palm print appeared on Shen Ling’s delicate face.


After Zhou Xian hit Shen Ling, he seemed to have blown up his hair, and instantly jumped from the ground:

“It because of your Shen family! You people have no idea what Shaun is! You don’t know how terrifying he is!”


Shaun’s terror?

Shen Ling and all the Shen family got shocked to hear this.

They simply couldn’t see what horror Shaun had. In the eyes of the Shen family, Shaun was a liar, a villain.

He deceived Fei Changqing, that Fei Changqing transferred the super contract to the Bai Group.


Before Shen Ling could reply, Zhou Xian said angrily:

“Shen Ling, I want to divorce you! I want to cut off all relations with your Shen family!”

“Wait and see! Sooner or later, your Shen family will pay a tragic price for your deeds!”

That’s it!

Zhou Xian glanced at the Shen family as if looking at an idiot, and then he went straight away.


After Zhou Xian left, the entire Shen family fell into a deathly silence.

They don’t understand, what’s wrong with this world?

Shaun is a crap person, how could something like a dog make Fei Changqing so valued and how could Zhou Xian be so scared of him.

“Dad, what shall we do now?” Jian’s face was pale.

Hearing this, the rest of the Shen family also looked at Taigong Shen.

Taigong Shen’s complexion almost dripped with the gloomy expression:

“Huh! Shaun is just a liar! We will see long Mr. Fei will trust him.”

That’s it!

Taigong Shen glared at the door viciously, as if he had already seen it. One day Shaun will be like a mouse crossing the street, and everyone will shout at him and beat him miserably.

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