Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 302

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Chapter 302

The Mercedes-Benz car was driving slowly on the road.

Elvira in the passenger seat, she has held a thick stack of business cards in her hand, all of these were given to her by guests attending the Shen family banquet.

I’m afraid they are nearly a hundred.

The owner of each business card is a famous upper-class figure in Jiang City.

Elvira’s heart is pounding.

She couldn’t even dream that she just took Shaun to Shen’s family to apologize, but in the end, the Shen family misbehaved with Shaun and in return, Zhou Xian got beaten.

This is more than that.

Even the super contract of the Shen family was dug into the Bai Group in an instant.

“This guy……”

Elvira couldn’t tell whether she was happy or annoyed at this moment. After all, she has got a super contract worth 100 million US dollars, but she has offended her grandfather and his family, which made her upset.

“Shaun, what exactly did you do before?”

Elvira looked at Shaun who was driving and asked with a complicated expression.

after all!

A button on your shirt is worth millions, and your clothing is worth hundreds of millions.

Hearing this, Shaun instantly knew what Elvira wanted to ask, shrugged and said with a smile:

“My wife, I have spent a few years abroad before, but I didn’t have a regular job to do and I was vagrant!”

He was abroad and did not have a job.

Because his job was to kill people, kill all the international oligarchs and giants who threaten the blood prison.

It can be said!

He was appointed to kill high-profile people.

However, after Elvira heard the words’ I was vagrant’, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

Are you a liar?

How a vagrant can wander everywhere wearing casual clothes worth hundreds of millions?

Seeing Shaun’s calmness, Elvira gritted her teeth, and she is looking like a frustrated ball, no more questions.

Because she knows that even if she breaks the casserole and asks the end, this bastard will still pretend to be dumb.

At this moment, Mercedes-Benz turns to the Liyuan Mansion.

Paula was checked by Mike and confirmed that she was not in a serious condition. She was brought back home by Baishan early.

When Shaun and Elvira just walked in, they saw Paula and Baishan happily welcoming them:

“Elvira, look, who is here?”

Hearing this, Elvira and Shaun got stunned, then they discovered that there were two more guests at home.

A tall and handsome young man.

His features are sharp and angular, and his skin is fair and smooth. He is definitely a model.

In particular, his brandy clothes would cost more than 100,000 yuan.

He looks like a successful person.

And beside him, there was a young girl, eighteen or nineteen years old, with pride on her face.

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