Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 339

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Chapter 339

Downstairs, Jacob’s eyes were locked in the only room with light in the Central Building. When he saw two figures cuddling on the window screens, they floated together with the screens.

Jacob’s heart seemed to be hollowed out by the executioner.

Turn around and leave lonely.

Grace and Bai Suyuan studied an emergency project solution in the next time.

However, Jacob returned to the Calendar Garden, and he hid in the attic on the third floor in an upset mood, getting drunk.

Finally fainted in the room because of alcohol allergy.

The next day, Jason found that Daddy had fainted in the attic and was so scared that he immediately called Janice.

But Janice was still traveling abroad, and couldn’t quench her near thirst.

Jason had to ask Guan Xiao for help.

Before long, Media Asia’s ambulance rushed to the Calendar Garden and took Jacob away.

Jacob’s allergic reaction was very serious, from the skin to the respiratory tract, he was sent directly into the icu.

Janice, who was far away in Europe, called Grace directly because she was worried about her elder brother’s condition.

She couldn’t get through, and texted her again. Please take good care of Jacob.

Then, Janice booked a return flight ticket and prepared to return home.

For two consecutive days, Jacob was absent from the important meetings of Media Asia’s senior management, which caused panic inside the Zhan clan. The company has also raised many suspicions and rumors that are not conducive to the development of the company.

In order to avoid the serious illness of the president from causing many adverse effects on the company, Guan Xiao ordered all the senior management personnel of Media Asia to make a concerted effort: the president and his wife went abroad for their honeymoon.

Only with such a burst of news can the truth of the president’s serious illness be concealed.

Then, the hot search appeared the headline “War Lord takes his beloved woman on his honeymoon”.

Bai Suyuan was shocked when he accidentally saw this news when he swiped his phone.

The woman Jacob was thinking of was clearly his assistant. How could he find another love so soon? High-profile show of love?


Bai Suyuan handed the phone to Grace. “Rose, look.” He looked at Grace’s face.

Grace took it suspiciously, glanced at the phone screen, and smashed the phone on Bai Suyuan’s face when she saw the title of the hot search.

“Who he likes and who he spends his honeymoon with has nothing to do with me.”

Bai Suyuan smiled, “Why do I smell a strong vinegar smell?”

Grace stared at him.

Bai Suyuan smiled warmly, “If you feel uncomfortable, I can give you a day off, so you can relax.”

Grace stood up, took off her work permit, and patted the documents on the table, “This is the flow and quotation of top stars in the past three years. Mr. Bai, don’t blame me for not reminding you. I want to grab food from the lion’s mouth. , Just when he leaves his territory. Now is-a godsend opportunity!”

Bai Suyuan smiled brilliantly.


Grace got up and left.

Returning to her rented house, Grace cast her exhausted body on the big bed.

Close her eyes, but uncontrollably load the most searched news in her mind.

Opened her eyes, shook her head, and drove Jacob out of her mind.

Was wading under the pillow with the mobile phone she abandoned. Grace stared at the mobile phone for a while, wondering what is the meaning of her abandoning this card?

Jacob has a woman he likes, is he guilty of pestering her?

She took out the phone, pulled out the chip card from the drawer, and placed it back.

Turn on the phone, and dozens of missed calls and dozens of missed text messages are displayed on the phone.

When Luo Shishi opened the missed call, Jacob actually called her. The time should be the night she left the calendar garden.

Somewhere in her heart warmed up inexplicably.

Is he worried about her?

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