Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 349

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Chapter 349

“Binjiang Hotel.” After Jacob found Grace’s residence, he was very tired, leaning his head on the back of his chair and closing his eyes to calm himself.

Janice secretly glanced at Jacob from the rearview mirror, feeling extremely entangled at the moment. Sister-in-law turned against the Zhan clan. Judging from the older brother’s previous practice of treating opponents, her older brother would definitely make her die.

Should she help the sister-in-law intercede?

“Brother, sister-in-law and Bai’s are fighting for the business of Zhan’s. I think she touched Zhan Hanxuan’s cheese. Sister-in-law may not be willing to touch your roots—”

Jacob opened his eyes suddenly, and the eagle pupil, who had stopped water and no waves, shot shining light again.

Does she really think so?

The gloomy mood became a little clearer.

“Speak less and drive faster.” Jacob exhorted.


When the car had just parked downstairs in the Riverside Hotel, Jacob pushed the car door and rolled away like a hurricane.

Janice is dumbfounded!

Is he rushing to kill or save people?

Janice parked the car illegally on the side of the road, opened the door and rushed out.

“Brother, wait for me.”

Janice ran after him, and while waiting for the elevator, Janice caught up with Jacob.

“Brother, you must calm down.” Janice held Jacob’s arm.

Jacob squeezed an iceberg face, but fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

In fact, his palms are sweaty.

God knows how nervous he is at the moment.

The elevator door opened, and when Jacob entered, Janice kept pressing the door open button, trying to prevent the elevator from closing.

Jue Zhan Han stared at Janice with a handsome face, “Get in here.”

Janice begged, “Brother, please don’t embarrass her.”

Jacob stepped forward, stretched out his large hand like pliers, and grabbed Janice chicken in.

Close the elevator door!

Janice was sweating profusely in anxiety…

When the elevator door opened, Janice suddenly hugged Jacob, who dragged her out of the elevator door abruptly.

Janice howled like a pig, “Grace. Run away! My brother is here!”

At this moment, Grace sat decadently on the floor of the living room, holding a wine bottle in her hand, drinking dizzy.

She vaguely heard someone calling her name, and slowly got up, opened the door, and looked at a huge group of black shadows flying over the corridor.

Jacob and Janice stopped in front of her and saw Grace with red cheeks, hazy eyes and messy hair in a chicken coop. Jacob’s eyes were like a knife, just wanting to cut her three layers of skin.

He raised his hand, Janice thought he was going to do something to Grace, and immediately held his hand. Shouted to Grace, “Sister-in-law, are you running?”

Grace laughed stupidly, “Why should I run? He is not a big tiger.”

Jacob gritted his teeth with anger, “Janice, if you don’t want to die, just let me go!”

Janice immediately let go of Jacob’s hand, staring at Jacob pitifully, “Big Brother, how about cooking beans and burning bean stalks?”

Jacob ignored Janice. Instead, he raised two fingers and asked Grace, “What’s this?”

Grace looked at his slender jade-like fingers, and even his nails were like beautiful shells. Suddenly she stretched out her hand to hold his fingers, and said, “It’s so beautiful!”

Janice covered her eyes and couldn’t look any further.

Her brother hates women who show nympho to him the most. Such a woman will end up miserably.

For a long time, she didn’t feel the fiery temper of Jacob, Janice peeked at Jacob from her fingers.

Some accidents, Jacob didn’t seem to be so angry?

This-the sun must come out from the west?

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