Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 350

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Chapter 350

Grace held Jue Jacob’s hand, and put his hand on her face.

Fairy Janice’s pupils dilated, looking at Jue Zhan Han in horror.

This time, if her brother can bear it, write her name upside down.

However, Jacob was not only not angry, but also gave him a few other fingers and stroked her blushing cheeks.

Asked gently, “Do you know whose hand this is?”

“I know.” Grace muttered.

“Brother Jie——”

Janice exclaimed: “Ah—”

Covering her mouth with both hands, she looked at Jacob in horror.

This title is a taboo for Jacob.

There used to be a woman idiot who called him that, but she was ruined by her elder brother, and finally jumped to her death.

Luo-Poem-Han is over.

Of course, the immortal ice in Jacob’s eyes melted little by little, and a soft smile appeared.

“Grace, come home with me.” Jacob judo.

Grace was suddenly irritated, released Jacob’s hand, grabbed her hair without reason, and screamed in pain.

“I have no home!”

“I have no home.”

“I’m a bastard! I lost my home.”

Grace slipped to the ground, then knelt and slapped her slap hard, “Grandpa, I was wrong. I was wrong. I shouldn’t love him, I regret it.”

Jacob is petrified like a eagle.

It turned out that the hurt he brought her was such a pain.

He knelt down, grabbed Grace’s hand, and said regretfully, “Grace, in the future, I will be by your side to protect you and take care of you, okay?”

“Who are you?” She raised her head.

“Lord Zhanhan.”

Her pupils were instantly dyed red, and she snarled hysterically at him, “You are the devil…You are terrible, you get out of my life.”

Her emotions are completely out of control…

Jacob stood up slowly, closing his eyes in pain.

“Janice, stay and take good care of her.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Janice looked at her elder brother’s back, and felt that her elder brother had never been so lonely.

“What the hell is going on?” Janice scratched the back of her head, feeling as if she had missed something.

After dragging Grace into the house and settling down on the bed, Janice began to clean up the messy room for her again.

“How much wine is this?” Janice counted the empty wine bottles one by one on the ground, “One, two, three…Eleven…”

The consequence of a hangover is that after waking up the next day, the headache bursts.

As soon as Grace opened her eyes, she saw Janice lying next to her, her hand still wrapped around her shoulder.

The two people face to face, almost close to each other.

“Ah!” Grace screamed suddenly.

Janice got up in shock and waved her hands repeatedly and explained, “Sister-in-law, I didn’t do anything to you! Are you so exaggerated?”

Grace pushed her under the bed, “You stay away from me.”

Janice sat down on the ground and looked at her depressedly, “I know my brother has offended you, but you can’t anger me? I have been interceding for you in front of my brother!”

Grace was in shock, “Do you know your brother, this bastard, what did he do to me?”

“What did you do?” Janice suddenly felt bad.

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