Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 351

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Chapter 351

“He injected me with HIV virus stock solution—you stay away from me to avoid being infected by me—” Grace said.

Zhan Phoenix Fairy’s face paled, “Sister-in-law, you didn’t lie to me. You threw up on me yesterday, and I slept with you—”

“What did I lie to you? Your brother, bastard, he’s too much. If you say he hates me, just stabbing me to death. Why use such despicable means?”

Grace said more and more angry, more and sadder, her tears continued, “I have this disease, and no one wants to collect my body even if I die. I can see his cold heart.”

Janice stunned in place.

Seeing Grace speaking so seriously and crying so sadly, unlike a fake, Janice also cried.

“It’s really unpleasant to retaliate. My brother took me in in order to retaliate against you. You got this disease, and it’s fine to die. I can’t hug my lovely nephew and Faith anymore before I die.. …. Woo…”

The two of them felt sorry for each other, and cried.

After crying, Janice asked Grace haggardly. “Sister-in-law, what are your plans in the future?”

Grace said with sorrow, “Fate is not long, how can there be any great ambition?”

Janice took her hand and sympathized with her, “Then do you have any unfulfilled last wishes, I think I can fulfill it for you?”

“I want to hug my child…I still want…”

Help Yan’s rise…

Janice said, “I will let you meet the three children.”

Grace frustrated, “What do you see. I am the source of infection walking now. Don’t see me.”

Janice pulled her up, “Let’s go, I’ll drive you to meet Jas them. It’s okay to see them from a distance.”

Grace is like a puppet that has lost his main heart, being manipulated by Janice to come to her car.

Janice’s car was parked illegally with a ticket on the front.

Grace tore off the ticket and stuffed it into Janice’s hand, “Why can’t your bad parking violation be corrected?”

Janice said weakly, “I’m going to die anyway. Is there a difference between a ticket and a 100-chapter ticket? Anyway, I’m dead, naturally someone will help me deal with these tickets.”

Grace said boredly, “It’s good if you are happy.”

Janice drove to the Calendar Garden.

Grace sat in the back seat, her arms suddenly itchy.

Grace rolled up her sleeves and saw a dense red rash on her arm, and her whole body was suddenly soft with fright.

“Phoenix…” Grace’s voice was as if she had crawled out of Sensen’s grave.

Janice turned her head back in shock, staring at her in shock.

“I’m done.” Grace raised her hand.

Janice slammed the brakes and the car stopped on the red zebra crossing.

Janice took Grace’s hand and saw the shocking red rashes, panicking.

“It happened so soon?”

Grace slumped on the back seat and nodded.

“The strength of Media Asia Biopharmaceuticals is really not covered!”

“That’s true. My brother wants you to die, then you must not escape.” Janice said.

“Sister-in-law, do you have any signs of weakness?”

Grace nodded. “Yes, I feel my strength is losing a little bit…”

“sh!t!” Janice squeezed hard, stepped on the accelerator and left.

“Sister-in-law, you’re going to die anyway, so just have fun in time.”

Grace collapsed on the back seat, saying lifelessly. “I have a secret, haven’t I told your brother yet?”

“What’s the secret?” Janice parked the car on the red light zebra crossing again.

Grace’s tears hung on her face, looking extremely poignant. “Speak out, I’m afraid the only hope in my heart will be ruthlessly crushed by him.”

Without saying it, I always feel that maybe he is still thinking about her beauty.

“Then don’t say it.” Janice said.

The car quickly came to the Calendar Garden. Jacob accompanied the three children to build a castle in the front yard, and suddenly saw Janice’s car parked far away across the road.

Janice slid open the window, and Grace was exposed to the children’s vision.

“It’s Mommy!” Faith waved her fists excitedly and cried out, “Mommy.”

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