Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 319

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Chapter 319

Today, the original protagonist should be him. It was he who wanted to express his love to Elvira through piano music, and he staged a romantic show of love under the performance of the pianist Mo Yiran.

But he couldn’t even think of it in his dreams. The love scene he carefully planned became a stage for Shaun to take away.

Mo Yiran, whom he invited at a high price, is now Shaun’s fan.

This made him mad.

At this moment, when the last song “Caribbean Love” ended.

Mo Yiran comes down from the stage, her expression was full of excitement as if she had just discovered a treasure, her delicate body was a little trembling.

When she walked in front of Shaun, she bowed deeply for the second time, and said admiringly:

“Mr. Lin, on behalf of all Fanshen fans, thank you for everything!”

“I have to say that your piano talents have opened my eyes. In my eyes, I am afraid that only the original creator of this piano songs-Fanshen is comparable with you!”


When they heard Mo Yiran, she compared Shaun with Fan Shen.

The guests of the entire western restaurant were completely in an uproar.

Everyone’s face flashed with a deep excitement as if witnessing a piano superstar rising.

Not only the people around.

Elvira, Bai Shan, and Paula were even more stunned by Shaun’s hidden talent.

The Baishan couple couldn’t imagine that their son-in-law who washes and cooks every day, is so amazing at music.

Elvira, as if dreaming, looked at Shaun with tenderness.


But at this moment, a cough sounded abruptly.

Mo Yiran got stunned and found Zhang Boyu next to him, winking at her constantly.

At this moment, Mo Yiran understood instantly.

According to Zhang Boyu’s explanation.

After she finished playing the piano, she wanted to present flowers to Elvira. It was also through her to express Zhang Boyu’s love for Elvira.


Mo Yiran nodded and then waved to the back. Suddenly, two staff members came over with a huge flower basket.

This is a ‘heart’ made up of 999 roses carefully!

Two staff members walked over.

Seeing this scene!

Zhang Boyu got refreshed.

There were more than 999 roses as a gift, and Mo Yiran, an idol master, gave a blessing.

Da da da!

Seeing the staff carrying flowers and walking there, Zhang Boyu’s expression became more excited, and the smile on his face grew thicker.

Until two stuff with roses came to the front!

Zhang Boyu stood up under the puzzled gaze of Elvira’s family. He adjusted his clothes and seemed to be waiting for something.

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