Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 318

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Chapter 318


What Lu Xun never thought was that he had just released this version of “The Love of Zengfan” for half an hour.

His Twitter broke completely.

Just click, it has reached as many as one million, and the number of forwarding is two to three million.

The comments below that tweet are more than a million also.

“Oh my God, who altered this “Zhen Fan Zhi Lian”, the song is too good to hear!”

“Unbelievable, the person who has improved may have reached to the level of a god!”

“Jiangshi? Isn’t that a third-tier city in Jiangnan Province? How could there be such a great person!”

For a while, Twitter was a complete sensation.

Shaun’s improved “Love of Gift to Fan” spreads wildly at a terrifying speed.

Especially those members of Fanshen Fan Club around the world.

It’s fried.

at the same time!

After Lu Xun finished posting his tweet, he had no time to watch it.

He is completely indulged in the next few piano songs that Shaun will improve.

Not only him!

Everyone in the entire western restaurant does not know that what happened here has caused a shocking wave in the global music circle.

Fanshen fan clubs in various parts of the world were all bombed.

Countless fans, after listening to the improved piano music, reacted with praise.

Even this video attracted the attention of the Global Piano Association.

Robert, the world’s top piano master retweeted Lu Xun’s tweet, and left a message to praise:

“God, it’s unbelievable that this improved version of “The Love of Gifting Fans” is perfect in both the rhythm and the overall fluency! I don’t know, which piano master in China did it? It’s incredible!”

Wilson, President of the Global Piano Association, also retweeted and commented on this tweet:

“Oh my God, this is a tribute to Mr. Fan Shen! I can’t imagine how amazing the piano mastery of the improver has reached so that even the “Love of Zeng Fan” can be changed so perfectly and yet again. Unbelievable!”

Following the messages of these two big players in the piano industry.

The global piano industry has completely exploded.

And for all this!

All the customers in the Phil Western restaurant know nothing.

At this moment, they just finished listening to the last song “Caribbean Love”!

When thunderous applause sounded below the stage.

The expressions of Zhang Boyu and Zhang Caier were somber that almost dripped water.

“Damn bastard, how did he do it?”

Zhang Boyu’s palms were just clenched together, and the palms of his hands turned blue because of excessive force.

His heart was filled with anger.

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