Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 348

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Chapter 348

There was also an expensive nutrient solution box lying in the trash can, dependent on the poor syringe.

Grace became extremely depressed when she thought that she had contracted the disease of shame.

Desperate to return to her rental house.

The moment the door was closed, the mood collapsed completely.

Squatting on the ground crying.

“How can you do this to me?”

The serial call of the mobile phone kept ringing, Grace took the mobile phone out of the bag, saw the three words Janice, wiped her tears and connected the call.


“Don’t call me sister-in-law.”

Her almost pleading tone, and the sound of sobbing, shocked Janice for a long time.

“Did my brother offend you?”

“Janice, I entrust the three children to you, please take care of them for me.” Grace choked, “Also, tell your brother that Faith is his daughter. Please treat your children well. Treasure.”

“Grace. What excites you? Are you giving me your will again? Where are you? I’ll come over right away.” Janice was in a hurry.

Grace hung up the phone and threw the phone on the ground.

Janice rushed to call Jacob again, “Brother, what happened to your sister-in-law?”

Jacob’s hoarse voice came, “What happened to her?”

“She left me a will, what the hell did you do to him?”

Jacob sat up with Ji Ling, and walked towards the door while putting on his clothes.

“Where is she?”

“Do not know.”

“Then what did she tell you?”

“She asked me to tell you that Faith is your daughter, so you can treat her well.”

Jacob is like falling into the ice cave, this girl wouldn’t really think she was infected with HIV, right?

Then go to find death?

Suddenly, Jacob felt his whole heart beating wildly, and hurriedly went downstairs. Janice had already drove over to pick him up.

“Brother, get in the car.”

After getting in the car, Jacob looked out the window anxiously.

“Do you know where she lives?”

“I don’t know.” Janice said in a bad mood.

“Even if you don’t like your sister-in-law, you should be kind to her for the sake of your child. Come on, what’s wrong with her?”

“It’s nothing, just gave her a branch of protein liquid.”

Janice stepped on the brake, and then smiled awkwardly.

“Brother, is it because I misunderstood my sister-in-law? Could it be that I was too worried, and I want to find short-sightedness for the misunderstanding?”

“Drive.” Jacob’s expression was not relaxed.

Janice guessed it, “It seems that you still did something inappropriate to her.”

On the way, Zhan Hanxuan kept searching for Grace’s address.

However, Janice kept chattering, “How do you compare to a weak little girl, a big man? You look at your sister-in-law’s fragile look, you hand her a fierce look, she shrank into a quail. How can you give her a way to survive?”

“Huh.” Jacob sneered, “You don’t know her too much.”

“I’m her best friend, sister of Jin Lan. I don’t know her?”

“She is a top hacker, who decoded Zhan’s key and snatched a few flowers from Hanxuan Company…” Jacob rubbed his eyebrows when he said this.

“I was too kind to her.”

Janice was stunned.

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