Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 317

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Chapter 317

Improve other piano music!

Upon hearing this, the surrounding customers became excited again.

Everybody knows!

If Shaun improved other piano music, it is a matter of making history.

Especially Elvira.

At this moment, she looked at Shaun with the same expectation and nervousness, even with a trace of pleading in her expression:

“Shaun,…please agree!”

At this moment!

Shaun has almost become the focus of the entire western restaurant.

Everyone is expecting and hoping that he can create more miracles.

Feeling the heat of the crowd, Shaun could only shrug slightly:



In a word, Mo Yiran, Elvira, and all the customers around were completely ecstatic.

Mo Yiran hurriedly walked back to the stage, sat in front of the piano, and then played another piece of music composed by Fanshen.

“The Straw in Despair”

“A person’s travel”

“Miss of the Caribbean”

One after another, the divine music composed by Fanshen constantly sounded in the western restaurant.

After each song was played, everyone looked at Shaun and listened to his professional opinions.

Mo Yiran, following Shaun’s advice, made further improvements.


Especially when the improved piano tune sounded, everyone’s hearts were pounding.

Because in every improved song, there was a movement that shocks the soul.

This seems to have gone beyond the meaning of music itself and has been sublimated to the point where it directly pokes the human soul.

And with the improvement of this piano piece.

All the customers in the restaurant looked at Shaun with strong madness and admiration.

In their eyes!

Shaun has even reached the level of a mortal god, otherwise, how could he take these divine tunes to a higher level every time he changed a song.

And among the many customers.

There is a young man with glasses named Wei Xun. He is an experienced piano lover and one of the hardcore fans of Fanshen Fan Club.

Before, when Shaun said, he wants to improve Fanshen’s “Love to Fan”.

Wei Xun took a video with a gesture of capturing a jokey moment.

And after the filming!

Wei Xun was stunned.


He has heard “The Love of Zengfan” countless times, but he can be sure that this improved version is the best piano music he has ever heard.

“No! I want to tweet, I want to let all the fellow fans of the Fan Club hear this super god work!”

Almost the first time!

Lu Xun posted a message on his Twitter:

‘Shock! Jiangshi surprised the gods and improved the work of “Gifts of Love”! One song, amazing! ‘

After sending the message, Lu Xun improved the version that Mo Yiran played after Shaun and posted it on Twitter.

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