Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 316

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Chapter 316

A guy who has lived with them for three years and has never any piece of music can give pointers to improve the divine tune of “Zengfan Zhilian”.

This is like a fantasy.

In Elvira’s beautiful eyes, there was a deep sense of astonishment and shock.

Before, she thought that Shaun didn’t know anything at all about divine music, but now, Shaun’s hidden talent has made her confused.

“How could this guy…..”

Zhang Boyu and her brother on the side had their eyelids jumping wildly, their expressions had gone gloomy.

And after this brief silence, the entire western restaurant suddenly burst into applause.

This applause was not for Mo Yiran, but Shaun.

“Boy, you’re so awesome, damn, it’s the first time I have seen someone who can improve a divine music just in a few words!”

“Young man, how did you do it? Oh my god, you changed this song, it’s super amazing!”


Many customers around looked at Shaun, and there was no longer a trace of contempt or disgust. Instead, they were praising him.


At this moment, under everyone’s gaze, Mo Yiran’s pretty face flushed with excitement stood up from the stage and then walked towards Shaun.

When she walked in front of Shaun, she bowed deeply and frantically:

“Gentleman, I deeply apologize to you for the insult to you before!”

“I admit that your improved “Love of Zengfan” has indeed reached perfection! Thank you…”


Mo Yiran apologized and thanked him again!

Seeing this scene, the surrounding customers took out their phones and filmed them. Everyone is sure that if this video is uploaded to the Internet, it will make a sensation.

After all, Mo Yiran is a well-known pianist in China and even a hardcore fan of the gods.

But Shaun, who is just a random guy has improved the work of Fan God to the next level, which is unimaginable.

Mo Yiran didn’t care about the people who are shooting video of that moment.

Her beautiful eyes looked at Shaun fiercely, full of curiosity and excitement:

“Sir, I still have a ruthless request. I wonder if you can agree?”


As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned for a moment. They faintly guessed what she wants to say, and everyone became more nervous and excited.

“Let’s say!” Shaun smiled slightly.

On his face, there is no trace of triumph over improving the Divine music.

After all, this tune was made by him.

In Shaun’s eyes, improving his work is not a big deal.

“That’s it…” Mo Yiran bit her lip, and then said:

“I would also like to take tips on some other piano songs!”

“If you can help to improve, then not only me but Fan God himself and our fans will be grateful to you!”

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