Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 346

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Chapter 346


Obviously scared.

Jacob untied her rope…

Grace opened her eyes and looked at him in surprise.

“If I let him go, it depends on your performance.” Jacob said.

Grace was a little confused, looking at Bai Suyuan lying on the chopping board in confusion, then at Jacob.

She stood up slowly, but fell on Jacob because of her weakness.

She wanted to get up, but she heard Jacob’s very satisfied voice, “Well, you can teach.”

Grace gasped inwardly.

Does this guy want her to serve him here?

Dead pervert.

She raised her head, Jacob suddenly grabbed the back of her head, and then attacked her lips.

And, very badly, turn her face to the back, so that the scene of their passionate k!ss can be seen by Bai Suyuan.

Grace felt very embarrassed…

Jacob’s k!ss was punishing, and kissed her almost asphyxiated.

Just when Grace’s psychological defense was about to collapse, he finally stopped.

He hugged her up, and when she walked to the door, she said to Gao Feng, “Let the kid go first, and let her go later.”

It depends on Grace’s performance to determine Bai Suyuan’s fate?

From the basement, he pressed the button and went straight to the third floor, and he carried Grace to a luxurious room.

Throwing her on the bed, he stood by the bed and looked down at her condescendingly.

Grace stared at him gloomily, “I have no strength.”

She was determined not to take the initiative to serve him.

Jacob said, “It’s okay, you lie down, I’ll come.”

If Grace knew that he would leave so many traces of love on her, she really would rather take the initiative to serve him after scraping her own skin.

Her powerlessness, which was controlled by the drug effect, is slowly getting better, but after being tossed by him several times, she has no strength to move.

Fortunately, Jacob was also exhausted, lying beside her quietly looking at her.

But what does his ape arm hold her so tightly?

“Will you let him go?” Grace asked.

“See your performance.”

Grace glared at him angrily, “Did you accept it after eating it dry?”

“If… you have to use him to force you to submit, I don’t mind imprisoning him for a lifetime.”

Grace: “…”

“What do you mean?”

“Stay by my side, I will let him go.” Jacob squeezed her lovely Qiong nose.

Grace: “…”

This guy’s tone…how could it be exactly the same as his tone of threatening Grace?

Will he recognize her?

“Do you know who I am?” Grace asked suspiciously.

“Otherwise? You think I’m Ximenqing, so when I see a woman, I jump on it?”

Grace: “…”

Why did she feel happy when she heard him say this?

But soon she became rational.

She’s not a masochist, she was bullied so thoroughly by a man, and she was so happy with a wool?

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