Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 347

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Chapter 347

“What if I don’t want it?” Grace put on an attitude of how happy life is and how fearful death is, staring at him as if death is home.

His hand fell on her long black hair, fiddled with each strand seriously, as if he were treating a rare treasure.

Grace remembered the last time he pulled her hair and numbed her entire scalp. She didn’t feel nervous.

Jacob pulled hard, and the grafted long hair fell off easily.

Then he was like a urchin, pulling off her grafted hair one by one.

Grace panicked with pain, “Zhan Ye, this is very expensive…”

Jacob said quietly, “With him, you have to make up every day, don’t you feel tired?”

“I am willing.” Grace replied simply and neatly.

“I like him so much?”

Grace was dumb.

Her eyes dimmed suddenly.

Her heart has been filled with him for two lifetimes.

Once, like a pug, he just smiled at her, beckoned, and she just stuck it up.

Never thought that the dignity and life of girls are more priceless than love.

Fortunately, under his indifference and blow, she can wake up.


“Huh?” Without waiting for her response for a long time, his throat overflowed with dissatisfaction.

Grace stared at him angrily, “It’s none of your business who I like.”

“My son’s business, you said it’s not my business?”

Grace qi knot.

When did this guy become so rascal?

“Yes, I like him.” She raised her head and looked at him defiantly.

Jacob pulled out a sneer, “You said, he saw you with me today, will he still want you?”

Grace said, “He knows that I have had children and been divorced. Naturally, he doesn’t care if I get bitten by a dog.”

Jacob squeezed her mouth, “Small mouth is very smart? Call me a dog?”

“I called you a dog and praised you.”

“Hmph…” With his force, Grace’s mouth was forced to open.

With the other hand, he took out a needle containing liquid from the drawer, shook it in front of Grace’s eyes, and said coldly, “Do you know what this is?”

“What do you want to do to me?” Grace wanted to get up, but one of his arms circled her, and her strength was lost, struggling for a long time was futile.

“Hiv virus!”

Grace’s face was pale, “Are you crazy?”

Jacob fed the liquid from the needle into her mouth, Grace couldn’t swallow it, couldn’t spit it out, and choked with tears.

Can only stare at him fiercely.

He picked up the tea on the bedside table again and poured it into her mouth. Then the big hand buckled the back of her head and heard the sound of swallowing, Grace swallowed all the liquid in her mouth into her stomach.

Thinking that she might be infected with a terrible disease, Grace went crazy.

Without knowing where the strength came from, she clenched her fist and thumped it on Jacob’s heart.

“You bastard, how can you bully me?”

She cried heartbreakingly, “I’m going to kill you—”

Jacob looked at her quietly, the little wild cat’s strength was negligible. But what she said made his heart fall into the ice cave.

“From now on, you can’t touch other men.” He said thinly.

Grace roared hysterically, “Jacob, encountering you is the biggest catastrophe of my life. I really hope that I haven’t met you in this life—”

She put on her clothes quickly and fled out embarrassedly.

Jacob threw the needle in his hand into the trash can, and her beautiful pupils were as silent as water and terribly quiet.

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