Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 358

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Chapter 358

As soon as Rolls-Royce parked in the Calendar Garden, Grace quickly jumped out of the car before it stopped.

When the children saw Mommy’s return, they all rushed over excitedly.

“Mommy, Mommy!”

Grace opened her arms and hugged the three children tightly into her arms.

Faith cried and acted like a baby, “Mommy, I miss you so much!”

Grace felt a strong sense of shame in her heart.

Abandon the child, the conscience is uneasy.

Derek said suddenly, “Mommy, Dad said that you are sick, so you have to avoid us. Mommy, don’t be afraid, no matter what you become, we will not despise you.”

Grace was startled slightly, a warm current surged in her heart.

This was given by the child and also by Jacob. Thank him for letting her stay decent in front of the child.

Jason said, “Okay, Mommy is tired, let her come in and have a good rest.”

The three children crowded Mommy into the house.

Janice looked disappointed in the back, “Why are these three bastards so good to Mommy? They are so bad to me? The difference in treatment is too big.”

Jacob said coldly or enthusiastically, “If you like children, you can find a man to give birth.”

Janice stopped and looked at Jacob, as if the spell that had sealed him for a thousand years was finally lifted.

“Brother, did you say this yourself? Don’t regret it?”

Jacob nodded his head with a serious expression, “Janice, you are already big and young, and eldest brother will no longer restrict your friendship circle from today. If…”

Janice’s nerves tightened.

Jacob paused and said, “If there is a boy you like, take him home and let us see.”

Janice was so excited that she hugged Jacob, “Thank you, brother.”

Then she raised her head and laughed, “Ahaha, I’m finally free again.”

After laughing, Janice looked at Jacob suspiciously, “Brother, why did you suddenly let go of control on me?”

Jacob’s gaze fell on the petite and thin Grace in front…

He clearly loves Irene and does not want to protect her in the castle and shelter her from the wind and rain all the time. But it always inadvertently caused her so much harm.

He finally understood that the taste of love is not only sweet.

He raised Janice in captivity, thinking that this would not allow bad men to harm her. But in fact, as long as you fall in love, it hurts.

“Can’t manage.” Jacob frowned.

Faith is a sickly petite princess, and Grace is as serious as a cow. He is so tired to deal with these two ancestors.

Janice, leave it to other men!

Janice chuckles!

Unexpectedly, the invincible eldest brother would have this kind of frustration.

Janice happily ran to Grace and blasted the little buns away, “Go go, you little demon kings stay by the side, I have a happy event to share with your mommy.”

The children looked at Janice deeply in suspense.

Janice hooked Grace’s shoulder with one hand, and put her mouth close to Grace’s ear and whispered, “Sister-in-law, my brother doesn’t care about me. I can fall in love freely. You said I can still go to Irene. ?”

Grace was stunned.

When Jacob passed by the two women, he stopped and swept his light water-like eyes.

Grace and Janice immediately stood upright.

“Brother, can I take my sister-in-law away for a while?” Janice applied.

Jacob’s gaze fell on the three angrily little buns, and he categorically refused, “No. Return Grace to Faith and the others.”

Janice sighed.

Grace took Faith’s hand, and gently touched the heads of Zhansu and Derek, and said, “Go in.”

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