Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 361

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Chapter 361

There is no never-ending feast!

After a brief stay, there was another vigorous parting scene.

When Grace and Janice left the calendar garden, Faith held Mommy’s leg to prevent her from leaving. “Mummy, I won’t let you go.”

Derek hugged Mommy’s waist.

Jason stood in the middle of the road blocking Grace’s path.

Janice walked back and forth several times on the road, then looked at Grace and the child, and said bitterly, “Auntie is leaving too, why don’t you come and pull me?”

“Hey, my aunt treats you very well, you little ones who have no conscience, have never been so reluctant to my aunt.”

Grace turned her gaze for help to Jacob, who was standing by and watching.

Jacob was indifferent, and the ice was full of cold air.

Grace hugged the children, tears streaming down.

Seeing her pitiful appearance, Jacob became very irritable.

“Grace, let’s talk.”

Janice quickly pulled the three children apart.

Grace was able to get away and walked towards Jacob with heavy steps.

“From now on, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Friday, you will come back to the calendar garden to accompany your children, and I will accompany them on February, 46, and June.” Jacob has been in a high position for a long time, and his negotiating tone also carries pressure that makes people afraid to resist.

Grace looked at him in shock!

He-is this a concession?

Seeing that she hadn’t nodded for a long time, Jacob’s face was cold, “Why, not willing?”

Grace nodded, “I am willing.”

Just a little confused, what about that weekend? Do children lack the company of their parents?

Seeing the joy from the bottom of her eyebrows, Jacob’s eagle pupils overflowed with wisdom.

“On weekends, we will accompany them together.”

Grace opened her pupils and looked at him in shock…

With this arrangement, he abandoned his prejudice against her, and devoted himself to the children. Makes her a little moved.

He is indeed a good father.

It seemed to be a wise thing to give him the three children.

“If you don’t accept it, then forget it, let’s go.” Seeing her in a daze, Jacob said with no patience.

Grace called out almost immediately, “I am willing.”

The voice was a bit bright and powerful, as if he had promised each other a lifetime promise at a wedding.

What’s more, they are standing under the arched European-style gallery, with a sea of white roses above their heads.

Jacob frowned and smiled.

Grace saw that her smile was so evil that people could only understand that it was unspeakable, and her cheeks were suddenly red with shame.

“Great, Mommy won’t leave us.” The children cheered.

When she left the calendar garden, it was already evening.

Janice drove, and Grace sat in the co-driver. The fatigue and anxiety of a few days were wiped out, and she slept soundly.

Janice looked restless, and suddenly muttered to herself.

“I want to find him in Yancheng.”

“You said, I suddenly appeared in front of him, should he be happy, shocked, or panic?”


Grace opened her eyes, and Irene’s no longer bright and extraordinary face appeared in her mind.

“Perhaps after you see him, you will find that he is not what you like.” Grace’s voice trembled a little.

“Then I want to see him even more. For so many years, he has always wandered in my dreams. If seeing him can make myself give up, it can be regarded as an confession to my miserable love.”

Grace looked at Janice’s stubborn expression and sighed almost inaudibly.

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