Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 330

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Chapter 330

“Mr. Lin, hurry up! That tiger master is an unprovokable existence!”

“Yes, Mr. Lin, run away, otherwise Lord Tiger will come and you will be no more!”

“Mr. Lin…”

The customers around, looking pale at the moment, with deep panic, constantly persuaded Shaun.

However, Shaun shrugged faintly, without paying attention, looking at the black bear and said:

“Call him, I’ll wait!”


As soon as these words came out, all the surrounding customers’ expressions changed. They couldn’t imagine that Shaun was so stubborn that he wanted to wait for the black tiger to come. Isn’t this like calling for death?

All the customers looked at Shaun at this moment, with deep pity and regret.

And the black bear smiled grimly:

“Okay! He will be here soon and you will taste your arrogant behavior!”

After black bear finished speaking, he immediately took out his phone from his pocket with his left hand, then pressed a number.

Hands-free is turned-on on the phone.

After a few beeping sounds, a thick and majestic man’s voice came from the other end:

“Black bear, what’s the matter?”

With a faint word, the black bear, a big steel man, was full of respect and admiration, and quickly said:

“Brother, I encountered a hard stubble! He has broken my hand and beat all my subordinates!”

“Now I need your help for revenge!”


As soon as he said this, the man at the other end suddenly started to breathe loudly.

Like a tiger, he is angry.

Even the people in the western restaurant could feel the vigor and anger of the tiger master on the other end of the phone, which immediately made many customers numb.

“good very good!”

On the phone, Lord Tiger laughed in anger, he said in a cold voice:

“It’s been too long, I haven’t met such a guy who dares to fight!”

“Today, tell this guy the fate of offending my black tiger!”

The voice was cold and bitter.

Afterward, the cold voice of Lord Tiger came again:

“Who is that person? Where is he?”

Hearing this, the black bear quickly replied:

“This guy is a soft meal, I don’t know his name?”

The black bear didn’t know Shaun’s name and turned his head to look at the restaurant owner next to him.

Zheng Xiong was overjoyed, a thick arc of pleasure appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he quickly said respectfully to the black tiger on the phone:

“Master Tiger, this short-eyed thing is called Shaun! This guy has harmed Master Xiong, and he is very arrogant. Only you can take care of him!”

In Zheng Xiong’s words, there was a strong color of ecstasy.

But, when he finished speaking!


Suddenly heard the sound of a teacup breaking and tables and chairs falling on the other end of the phone.

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