Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 363

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Chapter 363

After Bai Suyuan left, Grace immediately sent a strict message to Yancheng’s father in the name of Lin Zheng.

“The Xingyue script is already in the bag. If Mr. Yan comes to the imperial capital quickly, as long as you follow my instructions, you will be sure of everything.”


Strictly looking at the text messages on the phone, he was very surprised.

Xingyue script is currently the most popular big ip drama. The two leading film companies of Zhan and Bai are very keen on Xingyue scripts.

What method did Lin Zheng use to get such a popular IP drama into Yan’s hands?

The next day, strictly set off early in the morning and came to the Bai family to visit Bai Suyuan according to Lin Zheng’s instructions.

Bai Suyuan glanced at Rose on the side. She was supposed to be strict, so she said straight to the point:

“Uncle Yan, I will not increase the copyright transfer fee for the Xingyue script. I will sell it to you at the original price. What do you think?”

Strictly said, “Then thank my nephew for your kindness.”

Bai Suyuan paused, “But Uncle Yan, I can put the ugly words first. The Xingyue script is a science fiction theme. To restore the famous scenes inside, not only an experienced director, but also a lot of money is needed. The current one. Yan Shi, may not be able to take over?”

Strictly fell into hesitation.

The Yan family is already on the verge of extinction. If it gets worse, I am afraid it will only be destroyed.

Grace was afraid of escaping her strict thoughts, so she coughed slightly.

Strict eyes fell on her.

Grace walked over with hot tea and handed it to Strict, “Mr. Yan drinks tea.”

Strictly finish drinking the tea in the disposable paper cup, and you will see two words on the bottom of the cup: Lin Zheng!

A surprised look flashed through the strict eyes, but he quickly recovered his composure.

Grace pretended to be casual and said, “Mr. Bai, Mr. Yan came all the way, full of sincerity, don’t scare him back. Bai and Zhan can’t direct Xingyue science fiction, that’s because you want to benefit more. To be famous. Yan is always a smart person. Doing business is good.”

Strictness suddenly realized, and said, “I said yes.”

Grace printed the contract and walked in front of Strict, “President Yan, look at it, if there is no doubt, we will sign the transfer contract.”

Strictly and carefully browsed the contract specifications, and then wrote his name.

Grace handed the contract to Bai Suyuan again, “President Bai, sign it.”

Bai Suyuan signed his name.

When strictly leaving the Bai clan, Grace said, “President Bai, I will see off the guests.”

Bai Suyuan didn’t doubt that he was there, nodded, “Go.”

Grace walked out with Strict.

“Miss Rose knows Lin Zheng?” Strictly suspicious.

Grace looked around, guarded and said, “President Yan, this is not the place to speak.”

Strictly keep silent.

Two people walked to the elevator door, and the elevator door opened automatically.

As soon as Jacob and Guan Xiao walked out of the elevator, they saw Grace in strict and disguised form, and they stiffened in front of them.

“Uncle Yan!” Jacob said.

Strictly, his face was stinky, “You have nothing to do with the young man, I can’t afford to wait for you. Don’t call me uncle in the future.”

Jacob was calm and calm, “What is Uncle Yan doing here?”

Strictly, he ignored Jacob’s stern face.

Jacob’s eyes fell on the document bag in Strict’s hand, and the cover page of the contract fell into his field of vision.

“Uncle Yan wants to cooperate with Bai’s?”

Strictly and indifferently, “Our Yan family is now ruined and settled, and Xinmeng Baishi will not give up to survive in the cracks.”

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