Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 364

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Chapter 364

There was a sense of helplessness in Jacob’s eyes, “If you are willing to cooperate with Zhan Clan, I can…”

“No need.” Strictly difficult to conceal the sullenness, “Our Yan family can have today, thanks to you.”

Jacob frowned slightly and glanced restlessly at the “rose” on the side.

I don’t know, does she think so too?

Grace’s expression was calm and her eyes were flat, obviously not surprised by the strict words.

That is why she also agrees that the Yan family’s decline has something to do with him?

“Miss Rose, thank you. Say goodbye to this.” Strictly icing his face, he got into the elevator door just before the elevator door closed.

Jacob stared at Rose in a daze, with sharp eyes trying to get a trace of her inner world from her calm face, but she was a master at concealing her emotions.

“Shao Zhan, please here.” Grace stretched out her hand and bowed slightly to invite him.

Jacob sighed weakly.

Turned around and walked to Bai Suyuan’s office.

Bai Suyuan was really surprised when he saw Jacob.

“Young Master Zhan, do you have the face to see me?” Seeing Jacob, Bai Suyuan was not angry.

Jacob walked to Bai Suyuan’s office chair leisurely and sat down. With Erlang’s legs tilted, his actions are regular and his manners are expensive.

“Bai Suyuan, Xingyue’s script, I am willing to buy it at double the price.”

Bai Suyuan was stunned in place.

He glanced angrily at Grace, as if to blame her for selling the script to Yan at the original price so quickly.

Grace lowered her head, like a child who did something wrong.

Of course, I was very grateful. Fortunately, my father listened to her and rushed over in time to buy the copyright to the script.

Bai Suyuan made a mystery, “Young Master Zhan seems to have a soft spot for Xingyue’s scripts?”

Jacob’s gaze wandered between Bai Suyuan and Grace, and finally fell on Grace’s face, and said with a simple smile, “Except for a soft spot for women, nothing else can enter my eyes. .”

Bai Suyuan laughed, “Young Master Zhan has a soft spot for my rose, right? How else would you run to me in two days?”

In one word!

Grace stared at Bai Suyuan fiercely, gritted her teeth and said softly, “Bai always don’t entertain me, how can someone like Zhan Shao like a little girl like me from a humble background.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Bai Suyuan smiled, “Zhan Shao’s vision has always been unique.”

Jacob lightly sneered, “Bai Suyuan, are you the roundworm in my stomach!”

Definite tone!

But other people only regarded her as entertaining Bai Suyuan.

Bai Suyuan became angry.

Jacob’s mouth just doesn’t give people a way to survive.

Bai Suyuan just wanted to rush away this poisonous man, “Young Master Zhan, the Xingyue script has been sold to Yan Shi. If you have nothing else, rose, see off the guests.”

Jacob was startled slightly, then stood up gracefully, turned and walked outside the door.

Grace was very depressed…

When Bai Suyuan spoke, she could only send Jacob off.

“Rose, how much did you make when you transferred the script to Yan?” Jacob casually chatted with Grace as he walked.

“No loss, no profit.” Grace said.

Jacob stopped quickly, staring at Grace’s eyes as deep as the sea.

“Very good.” He praised from the bottom of his heart.

This girl is undercover in the Bai family, seeking benefits for the Yan family, and is truly the best spy.

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