Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 367

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Chapter 367

Grace wept and said, “I don’t know why this happened. After the car accident, his daughter woke up and became Grace!”

Strictly startled for a long time…

“I feel unbelievable. My daughter Irene was clearly killed in a car accident. I personally buried her ashes in Qishan Cemetery. But now, you tell me you are my daughter… The secondary body appeared in front of me…”

Although this incident was very absurd and wonderful, it was strict but unable to completely isolate Grace from Irene’s identity.

He remembered the game “Where is the middle finger” that Lin Zheng first played with him when he saw him. Think of the scene of Irene and Grace holding hands tightly in the car accident seven years ago.

He had to believe that this was an arrangement of fate.

“Grace, prove it to me. You are my daughter Lingzheng.” He looked at Grace, with a firm expression and a tall back, like a clenched ling.

Grace nodded.

She carried her hands, raised her head, shaking her head and shook her head, reciting: “Father gives birth to me, mother gives birth to me. Caress me, grows me, cares for me, takes care of me, and enters and exits me. I want to repay me. Absolutely!”

[Moral: Daddy, you gave birth to me, mother, you fed me. You protect me, love me, raise me to grow up, nurture me, think I don’t want to leave me, and embrace me in the door of the house. I want to repay my parents for the great kindness, God will bring disasters hard to predict! 】

Strictly looking at her appearance, the scene of a child clamoring back poems came to mind.

She was like this, shaking her head and shaking her head, carrying poems innocently. And he, because he felt that this poem was very unlucky, he even stopped her extremely strictly.

Grace was already in tears after she recited this poem.

Kneeling to the other side again, learning the appearance of strict reprimand, said, “Lingbao, there are three hundred poems in the Tang and Song dynasties, and they are all good works that have been passed down through the ages. Why do you choose this first Qin’s “Liao E”? Not good. You are not allowed to memorize this in the future.”

She vividly portrayed the strict rigidity in a cadence.

Strictly old and tearful.

He stretched out his hand to pull Grace up, “Lingbao!”

“Dad!” Grace threw into his arms, tearing her clothes wet.

“I’m sorry, all my daughters are too wayward.”

“It’s Daddy’s incompetence and can’t protect Yan’s career.”

Father and daughter recognize each other, sad and happy.

After the two calmed down, Grace repeated the old sayings.

“Dad, you just said that the car accident seven years ago was related to Brother Jie, what is going on?”

Strictly looking at his daughter’s eyes that were eager for an answer, there was another wave in his heart.

“You gave him three children, didn’t you?”

Grace lowered her long eyelashes, “Sorry, Dad, my daughter disappointed you.”

Strictly waved his hand and sighed.

“You haven’t been deeply involved in the world, and you don’t know the sinister heart. It’s only good fortune to trick people.”

Strictly fall into long contemplation.

After a long time, he strictly raised his eyes and looked at Grace with a solemn expression, “Lingbao, your experience is too absurd and wonderful. You have to be tight-lipped about this matter, and you cannot be used to make a fuss.”

Grace nodded, “Yes, Dad.”

Strictly again, “Dad doesn’t have much ambition in this life. I just hope that you and Zhengzheng are healthy and safe, happy and happy.”

After a pause, he suddenly grabbed Grace’s hand excitedly, “Stay away from him.”

Grace naturally knew that the “he” in his mouth was Jacob, who was just the lover of two generations. How could it be said that you would forget it.

“Dad, I can’t do it.” Grace’s eyes were red.

He and her, if there is only one love that cannot be loved. Maybe she can leave his world by forcing herself.

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