Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 334

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Chapter 334

Especially, with these black-clothed figures, swiftly separating a road, a middle-aged strong man is coming!

Da da da!

The pace of this brawny man is not fast, but with his every step, it seems to be stepping on the hearts of everyone, making their hearts plop and throb!

Tiger… Lord Tiger!

All the customers around, looking at this legendary figure in Jiangshi, were sweating coldly.

They didn’t even dare to look at Lord Tiger, each of them dodged and filled with panic.

“Brother, you are finally here!”

After seeing Lord Tiger, the black bear was full of ecstasy and immediately dragged his broken arm to greet him quickly.

Not only him!

Zheng Xiong almost jumped up with excitement.

“Master Tiger, that’s him! This little beast has injured dozen of our brothers, and he hurt Master Xiong! Please, take revenge for the brothers!”

Zheng Xiong pointed at Shaun, with deep resentment and pleasure in his mouth.

Hearing this!

Master Tiger’s eyelids twitched slightly.

He dared not to look at Shaun, but looked at the black bear and Zheng Xiong and said:

“Then what are you planning to do now?”

deal with him?

Hearing this, the black bear and Zheng Xiong couldn’t help but look at each other, and the two laughed more ferociously:

“Big brother, this kid has broken the taijin of a dozen of my brothers, and I want to break his taijin too!”

“Master Tiger, Master Xiong breaks his hamstrings, then break his hamstrings and let him know that Master Tiger and Master Xiong are things he can’t afford to provoke!”


This sentence made Tiger’s complexion slightly changed.

He glanced at his brother Black Bear pityingly, then turned his eyes again to look at Shaun.

Shaun smiled and nodded:

“They asked for it themselves, I have agreed!”


The surrounding customers were all stunned again. They didn’t expect that Shaun would still be in the mood to joke at this time.


Does this guy mean to catch it?

Only at this moment.

A shocking and unbelievable scene appeared.

Seeing Shaun nodded, Lord Tiger waved his hand:

“Have you heard?”

“Just follow the boss’s words, do it!”

When everyone in the restaurant heard what Tiger said, their jaws drop with shock.

Especially the black bear and others did not understand the meaning of Tiger’s words.


Who is the boss here?

Not to mention, the boss’ that Lord Tiger himself calls?

Just after the black bear and Zheng Xiong were confused, they didn’t understand who the “BOSS” was he referring to?

The two of them were surprised to find out.


The sturdy big men in suits all around rushed towards the two of them and knocked them to the ground in the blink of an eye.

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