Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 333

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Chapter 333

Heard this!

Elvira’s pretty face became pale.

Why is she not worried about Shaun, her palms and back were all wet with cold sweat.

But she can’t be too obvious, otherwise, it will only make her parents more disturbed and worried:

“Dad, Mom! We have to trust Shaun, he said that there is no problem, then it must be no problem!”

Although Elvira said this.

But her beautiful eyes were wet and red, showing how uneasy she was.

In her heart, she shouted again and again:

‘Shaun, you can’t have an accident! You are my man, I will not bear it if something happened to you! ‘

Elvira wanted to pray to heaven for Shaun at this moment.

But at this moment!


The buzzing of engines came, and under the horrified eyes of Elvira’s family, they saw black cars one after another rushing there.


When the black cars stopped at the entrance of Phil Western restaurant, the doors opened, and one after another sturdy men in black suits came out.


This scene frightened Elvira’s family.

“Who are these people? What are they doing here?”

A trace of anxiety emerged in the hearts of Elvira’s family, especially when they saw that in the blink of an eye, more than 20 black cars had been stopped, and the entire parking lot was full.

From these black cars, nearly a hundred big men in black suits came out.

Although everyone is in suit and leather shoes, their expressions are full of fierceness.

These hundred big men are the existence of licking blood.

Otherwise, the eyes could not be so fierce, the momentum could not be so shocking.


Elvira’s family, after seeing nearly a hundred big guys, who just got off of the car and rushed towards the western restaurant frantically!

It’s over…

Elvira’s family instantly turned pale as paper.

No need to think about it, they can also know that this is the person the black bear called.

Shaun is alone, he will be completely over.

Thinking of this, Elvira almost fainted with fright.


In the western restaurant, when everyone was waiting, the door of the restaurant was kicked open.

Then, under the horrified sight of everyone!


One after another black figures rushed in aggressively.

ten people!



In the blink of an eye, the entire western restaurant got filled.

These people, all wearing black suits, were overwhelmingly fierce, causing everyone in the restaurant to panic.

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