Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 372

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Chapter 372

Bai Suyuan’s temple jumped sharply.

Bai Nanning added fuel and jealousy to the side, “Dad, she instigated her eldest brother to snatch the Zhan’s script and top stream, deliberately instigating the relationship between Zhan’s and Bai’s. In my opinion, she should be a commercial spy sent by a third party!”

Bai Shutang’s handsome and resolute face forced a ferocious sneer, “Come on, tie her up and send it to the Zhan clan to plead for crime.”

Seeing that the situation is not good, Bai Suyuan guards Grace behind him, “Dad, Grace is not a commercial spy. She is…a woman his son likes!”

Bai Shutang stared at Bai Suyuan in astonishment. “What did you say?”

“I said, she is my girlfriend!” Bai Suyuan said word by word.

Bai Nanning’s mouth opened in a semicircle in surprise. “Brother, are you crazy, have you ever thought about the consequences of fighting the young woman?”

Bai Shutang couldn’t believe everything he saw, and his body was shaking with anger, “Do you know that by doing this, you are completely against Jacob?”

“Dad, if you are worried that Shao Zhan will avenge the Bai family, your son is willing to quit the Bai family forever.”

Bai Shutang was stunned, “You actually want to give up your noble status as Young Master Bai for a woman?”

Bai Suyuan gritted his teeth, “For her, let alone the identity of Young Master Bai, even my life can be spared.”

Grace: It’s a big joke!

Bai Nanning’s anger faded away, and her mind moved quickly:

If Grace and Bai Suyuan are together, it would be a good thing for her to kill two birds with one stone.

Bai Suyuan retired from the Bai clan, and her position in the Bai clan became more stable.

Grace married her brother, then she and Jacob still have a chance to resurrect.

Thinking of this, Bai Nanning said with ulterior motives: “Dad, if Big Brother really likes Grace, it’s better to fulfill him.”

Bai Shutang resolutely opposed, “No, you can marry any woman, but you can’t marry Grace!”

Bai Suyuan said, “Dad, I just want to be with the woman I like, even if I live a simple and ordinary life with her. Please make us…”

Bai Suyuan knelt on the ground with a puff.

Bai Shutang was stunned: Su Yuan’s obsession with love made him see his mother’s shadow.

Perhaps because he was afraid of his son repeating his mother’s tragedy, Bei Shutang gave in. “You go down. This matter is silent for the time being.”

Grace stepped forward and helped Bai Suyuan up.

Back to the president’s office, Bai Suyuan fell to the ground.

“Grace, for you I have put my lifelong happiness into it, how do you say you want to repay me?”

Grace looked at the depressed Bai Suyuan, and said jokingly, “With the body?”

Bai Suyuan’s smile condensed, “You don’t want to play with me, do you?”

Grace smiled openly, “As long as you announce that I am your girlfriend in front of the media, those men who want to get involved with me will get out of trouble. I won’t lose even thinking about it—”

“Except for Zhan Shao, who would want to interfere with you when his head gets water?” Bai Suyuan said in disgust.

Grace smiled crisply. “That’s true.”

Bai Suyuan got up and said depressed, “It’s cheaper for you.”

Grace smiled happily. Approaching him, reaching out to shake hands with him, “Happy cooperation.”

Bai Suyuan’s fingers pressed her to keep close to her forehead, “Since it’s an acting, it’s a show before the other, and the queen-stay away from me. I won’t get into the show.”

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