Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 339

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Chapter 339

And there is still one day for the concert.

Three uninvited guests came to Elvira’s home.

It is Zhang Boyu, Zhang Caier, and a young man dressed in customized casual clothes.

This young man seems to have a high status.

Both Zhang Boyu and Zhang Caier were respectful to this young man.

Not only that!

This young man was standing at the door at the moment, looking up and down at the Elvira family’s house, curling his mouth, revealing a deep disgust:

“Bo Yu, the woman you like lives here?”

“This house is twenty or thirty years old, it’s purely an old building! What kind of golden phoenix can’t live in such a broken place?”

The youth’s words were not at all polite, and Zhang Boyu’s expression suddenly appeared a little embarrassing.

He quickly said to Baishan and Paula:

“Uncle! Auntie! He is the Boss of Red Maple Group—— Duan Chun!”

Hearing this, Bai Shan got shocked, he knows that the Red Maple Group has branches in the entire Jiangnan Province, and is a big group with the highest ranking.

Their Bai Group, in front of the Red Maple Group, is nothing.

Right now, Bai Shan wanted to step forward and shook hands with the young man:

“Shao Duan, welcome to the humble house, the place is relatively simple, don’t mind!”

Baishan was full of enthusiasm.

Just seeing him stretching out his hand, the young master named Duan Chun suddenly showed a deep disgust on his face:

“I don’t shake hands with dirty people!”


As soon as these words came out, the complexions of Baishan, Paula, and Shaun instantly changed.


This young man was arrogant to the extreme. He is at someone else’s house, and he is so rude to the warm welcome of an elder person. It is simply too much.

Now Shaun’s face sank, and he wanted to step forward.

Seeing this scene, Bai Shan quickly grabbed him, and then said to Duan Chun with a smile on his face:

“What Duan Shao said is true, we can’t afford it!”

That’s it!

Bai Shan pointed to the sofa and said with a smile:

“Sit down, please, I will make you a cup of tea!”

Make tea?

Duan Chun waved his hand, and said proudly:

“Okay! There is no need to do anything. I’m here this time to see the woman whom Zhang Boyu love?”

“Is it Elvira? Let her come out that I could see her. If I like her too, then maybe our Red Maple Group can cooperate with your Bai Group!”


As soon as these words came out, Shaun’s complexion became more and more gloomy.

This Duan Chun is not only nonsense but is extremely arrogant.

Almost regarded Elvira as an object.

Not only Shaun, but the expressions of Bai Shan and Paula’s couple also turned gloomy.

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