Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 338

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Chapter 338

Paula found out.

Whether it was the nearly a hundred people in black, the injured black bear, Zheng Xiong, and others, or even the customers who came out one by one, they looked at Shaun’s gaze, and they were full of awe and fear.

This scene made the family of three more confused.

And at the moment.

Shaun slowly walked towards the Mercedes Benz under the escort of the men in black.

When he opened the door and got in he said with a smile:

“Wife, now we can go home!”

Go home?

Looking at Shaun with a smile and harmless face, they turned their heads to look at the miserable Black Bear, Zheng Xiong, and others. The three of them are still not believing it.

“Shaun, is it all right?” Bai Shan asked with some worry.

Shaun nodded:

“Dad, don’t worry! I have met a friend, he will take care of everything!”

Hearing this, they were completely relieved, and then the car started and slowly left.

Just now!

If the Elvira family looks back, they can see the shocking scene.


At the rear of the car, a hundred people in black, headed by Lord Tiger, all bowed in the direction of the Mercedes-Benz car.

The scene was shocking.

As time passed, the Bai Group’s Resurrection Pill is already in mass production, and it is getting closer to the market.

However, the recent sensation in Jiangshi is definitely the “Van Zhilian” concert.

The layout of the concert venue has been completed.

The news about Kelly has bombarded the major news platforms in Jiangshi almost every day.


When the official ticket started to sell.

All the tickets, from the VIP in the front row to the scattered tickets in the back row, were all instantly taken by fans.

The VIP tickets in the front row were fired up to 300,000.

Even the last scattered ticket has reached nearly 10,000 yuan.

Moreover, these tickets are all priceless.

No one is selling it at all.

This is more than that.

The official release of the latest news, this concert will set up four super VIP positions, closest to the stage, and even have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with Kelly.

As soon as this news came out, the official website was completely exploded.

Countless rich second-generation and noble sons, waving banknotes, want to buy these four super VIP tickets.

Countless people who eat melons are very curious to know who can get these four precious super VIP tickets.

Even under this turmoil, the price of Super VIP tickets, from 500,000 yuan, was smashed to a million dollars per ticket.


Without responding, those four super VIP tickets fell into someone’s hands.

As if the mud cow sank into the sea, there was no trace.

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