Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 370

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Chapter 370

It has become a habit for Faith to call him uncle, for some reason Jacob did not disclose her identity. Nor did he choose to recognize her.

Grace quickly got up from the bed, too late to conceal her tired makeup.

As soon as she changed her clothes, Jacob appeared at her door.

Leaning on the door, looking at her with a smile.

Grace scratched the messy chicken coop annoyed.

Just now Derek Faith came over to greet her and forgot to close the door.

“Good morning, Lord War.” Grace smiled awkwardly.

In the smile, there is a trace of misery.

Jacob looked at Grace, her eyebrows were picturesque, but she couldn’t conceal her black eye sockets, nor could she conceal the new depression between her brows.

“Did you sleep well last night?” he asked.

Grace also knew that she couldn’t hide it from him, and nodded obediently.


Grace looked at him with a self-deprecating sneer in her eyes. “Master Zhan is caring about me?”

Jacob frowned slightly, and overnight, the pupils of this girl were so deep that they were elusive.

No longer the naivety of the past.

He felt very heartache.

There is only one reason for her change: it has something to do with Yan.

He lifted his foot and walked slowly in front of her. “Grace, you have me. Don’t have to work so hard.”

Grace smiled beautifully, “Thank you.”

In her heart, she was crying.

In the previous life, she was deceived by his rhetoric.

He dragged her feelings, and if he didn’t like it, he didn’t break with her. If he likes it, but he hasn’t promised her love.

It took her two lifetimes to realize that what she was waiting for was a love that would never end.

There are other girls on his bed.

There was a fierce stern in his eyes, “Grace, if you say thank you, you have to go away.”

Grace immediately laughed heartlessly, “By the way, Master Yan, President Yan promised to accept your funding.”

Jacob nodded. “This is your credit, what award do you want?”

Grace looked at him with a bottomless hole in her eyes.

What can she get from him?

What she wants, he will never give her.

And she cut off Liaoyuan’s extravagant hope.

“It’s easy,” she said.

Jacob frosted his face, turned and left.

Early in the morning, because he was worried about her, he rushed to the Calendar Garden from the Imperial Capital. He did not feel her warm welcome, only the endless cold crit.

He is asking for trouble.

“I’m sending my child to kindergarten. Would you like to take my ride?” He walked downstairs.

Grace looked at his back and forth, her eyes dimmed.

He was sympathetic to her for not having a car, so he rushed back to pick up the child, right?

But this kind of thinking was expelled from the country, and she even looked down on herself a little bit, “Bah, don’t you still correct your self-deception?”

“No, Bai Suyuan will come to pick me up.” Grace said.

Jacob’s back was slightly condensed, and after a moment of stagnation, he strode away.

Grace quickly picked up the phone to send a text message to Bai Suyuan, and asked him to pick her up.

Half an hour later, Bai Suyuan appeared at the door of the Calendar Garden.

Grace just wanted to escape from this suffocating place, and quickly bid farewell to the children, and then bid farewell to Zhang Ma Jacob, “I’m leaving. Goodbye!”

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