Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 337

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Chapter 337


Shaun’s words made Zheng Xiong’s head startled, and all the other customers were also stunned on the spot.

This is more than that.

They saw that after hearing Shaun’s words, Hei nodded obediently and then waved to the outside of the restaurant.


Suddenly there was a humming sound, and then under everyone’s stunned eyes, an excavator turned toward the restaurant.

What is this…

Zheng Xiong and all the customers have blank heads.

They only remembered at this moment. In the previous call, why Lord Tiger would need an excavator, it turned out to be to abolish the restaurant.

In an instant, Zheng Xiong’s face got as pale as paper.

At the same time!

In the Mercedes-Benz outside the restaurant, Elvira’s family are already completely impatient!

Right now, they want to open the car door and go to see Shaun’s situation.

But at this moment.

The family suddenly saw that the door of the western restaurant had actually opened, and then Shaun, with a group of black-clothed men, huffed and walked out.

It’s more than that!

Shaun and others just came out.

An excavator drove over, and then started to dig down the restaurant!


Under the unbelievable gaze of the Elvira family, the excavator started to abolish Phil West Restaurant.


Under the excavator, the entire wall of the western restaurant was completely vulnerable and shattered continuously, and one wall collapsed.

This look seemed to flatten the entire Phil West restaurant.

“This… what happened?”

Elvira’s family got stunned.

This is more than that.

They also saw that people were coming out of the western restaurant hurriedly.

Among them, more than a dozen big men staggered, one by one clutching their wrists, blood flowing.

But it was Tejin, and all of them were cut off.

Two of them are in worse condition.

One’s hamstrings of both hands were cut off, and the other’s hamstrings of both feet.

What made Elvira’s family unbelievable was that the two most injured people turned out to be Black Bear and Zheng Xiong.

“Oh my God, these injured people black bears and his men who rushed in before! Also, how did Zheng Xiong break his hamstrings, and what happened?” Baishan was stunned.

The scene before him simply subverted his worldview.

And Paula also covered her mouth in shock:

“Thank God, Shaun is all safe. I was worried about him! But I couldn’t believe that those people seem to be afraid of Shaun?”

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