Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 371

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Chapter 371

The sports car was speeding across the wide street.

Bai Suyuan looked at Grace who looked back frequently in the back seat, and started teasing humorously.

“What do you want me to say about you? The girls of the imperial capital, who didn’t try to approach him and cheat him. But you, you obviously have the opportunity to be a beautiful war wife, but you choose to refuse. I should say you are stupid. , Or stupid, or stupid?”

“What’s so good about being Mrs. War? Faced with a world-weary face all day long, either endocrine disorders or neurological disorders.” Grace gave birth to the desire for revenge, “If you can’t eat grapes, say grapes…”

Bai Suyuan couldn’t help but laugh, “Hehe.”

When the sports car drove into the middle ring road of the imperial capital, Bai Suyuan reminded Grace, “The company is ahead. If you don’t want to be troubled by my white lotus sister, please make up quickly.”

Grace hurriedly took out the makeup bag from the bag and modified her makeup.

Bai Suyuan drove the car into the parking lot of the open-air dam, closed his eyes and rested, waiting for Grace to make up.

When Grace was halfway through her cultivation…

Suddenly, a dark figure suddenly blocked the light from the front window of the car.

Grace and Bai Suyuan looked up at the same time, and they saw Bai Nanning weeping poison in her eyes, staring at Grace angrily.

“Grace, is the makeup technique good?”

Grace smirked awkwardly, her eyes fell on Bai Nanning’s high nose, that thin chin, and the face that had been hit with hyaluronic acid, “Miss Bai, the most indispensable thing these days is fake faces, you say yes Isn’t it?”

“Liar.” Bai Nanning stared at Bai Suyuan angrily, “Brother, you are really good. You actually hid our Bai’s enemy by your side. I’ll tell Dad right away. See how you explain.”

Yu Bibai Nanning walked away on high heels.

Grace and Bai Suyuan looked at each other. Then Grace picked up the makeup box and continued to make up——

“When I went out in the morning without burning incense, I met evil stars when I went out! It’s really a fleeting disadvantage!”

Bai Suyuan’s eyes were dark, “Or, you can run away.”

Grace straightened her chest and raised her neck and said, “I ran away, what you do?”

Bai Suyuan smiled and said, “Our relationship is not close enough to live and die together.”

“It’s not like the catastrophe is about to fly!” Grace said very righteously.

Bai Shutang’s office.

Bai Nanning reported to the chairman with a frightened look, “Dad, the enchanting little special assistant next to my big brother is Grace!”

Bai Shutang glared in anger, “Is it true?”

“It’s true!”

“Come on, go and grab Bai Suyuan and Grace for me right away.” Bai Shutang patted the table with anger.

Before long, Bai Suyuan and Grace were taken to the chairman’s office by several bodyguards.

Grace’s makeup is only half done, half of her face is Miss Rose, who is amorous, and half of her face is the pure and beautiful Grace.

Bai Shutang looked at Grace slightly lost, and was impressed by her superb makeup skills.

“Grace, you really are capable!”

Grace smiled, not knowing why, the smile on one half of her face was gentle and virtuous, but the smile on one half of her face looked hideous and evil.

“Bai Dong absurd.” Grace said modestly.

Bai Shutang frowned, “But I am very curious, what is your intention to stay by Bai Suyuan in every possible way?”

Grace faintly glanced at Bai Suyuan on the side, and said with a little shyness, “Bai Shao is elegant and suave, young and promising. I want to be with Bai Shao in the future.”

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