Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 375

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Chapter 375

Grace pondered, Jacob promised to cooperate with the Yan family, but the written contract was not signed. What if Jacob repented?

She had to urge Yan to do this as soon as possible.

When Grace came to Yinian Chongzhen to search for Irene, she saw Irene and Janice together in arms.

“Zhengzheng, when will you go to my house to propose marriage?” Janice raised her eyes to look at Irene, her eyes filled with expectant stars.

Irene held Janice’s face, “You said I went to your house to propose marriage, would you be lifted out by your brother?”

Janice smiled crookedly, “That depends on your sincerity. If your sincerity is insufficient, my brother should beat you out!”

Irene showed a frightened look, “Your brother has protected you so well and turned you like a flowery little girl into an old girl who doesn’t want him. Doesn’t he feel guilty or ashamed or blame himself?”

Janice raised her fist and punched him in the chest, “How do you speak? Where am I getting old? Besides, my brother has realized that he takes me too tightly to find a boyfriend, so he has decided to give me freedom. Up.”

Irene pouted, “He is shrewd, knowing that no one wants you, this old girl, so he will let you out to harm me.”

Janice pinched his nose, “Don’t say that I am an old girl no one wants.”

Irene immediately surrendered, “Yes, yes. I was wrong. You are my little princess, even if one day you have gray hair, wrinkles on your face, hunchback when walking, deaf ears, blurred eyes, you are still me Little princess.”

Janice smiled like a child, happy and satisfied.

“For the sake of your mouth being so sweet, I forgive you. Zhengzheng, I’m leaving. See you tomorrow.” Janice kissed Irene on the face, and Cao left with a smile.

Irene wiped the saliva on his face with the back of his hand, and the smile on the bottom of his eyes became a little bit cold.

After Janice left, Grace slowly approached him.

“Irene!” Her heart was like a five-flavored bottle that was knocked down, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty coming up together.

Zhengzheng is using Janice’s innocence and love to achieve his own personal gain.

Irene turned around and looked at Grace indifferently.

“Grace, what are you doing?”

“I want to talk to you.”

Irene put on a playful appearance and jokingly said, “Just talk to my dad if you have anything.”

There is a thorn in his smile.

Full of irony.

Grace felt awkward, is this guy pretending to be Xiang? Can you be pure?

“President Yan has returned to the imperial capital. It is far from being able to dissolve the near fire. Starting today, regarding Yan’s matter, you must sincerely cooperate with me.”

Irene kicked the bluestone slab under his feet vigorously, “Who do you think you are? You are pointing fingers at me?”

“President Yan handed over all the business of Yan’s distribution in the imperial capital to me. I have the right to ask you to cooperate with all my instructions.” Grace solemnly announced.

Irene squinted his eyes and looked at Grace with contempt. “Grace, stay away from me. I’m not my dad, I’m not good at female s3x.”

Grace raised her hand and hit Irene in the nose with a fist. Irene’s nosebleeds gushing out.

“Damn, do you dare to beat Laozi?”

“Since you are not good at female s3x, you shouldn’t fool Janice’s feelings. You sc*mbag. I will teach Janice well.” Grace was very angry.

She and Janice are similar people, and they have tasted the ups and downs of the world for love.

She was not treated kindly by Jacob.

And Janice was not treated well by Irene.

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