Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 376

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Chapter 376

She made her debut for Janice.

Irene covered his nose with his hand, blowing his beard and staring at his eyes with anger, “Grace, do you think I don’t beat women? I tell you, don’t mess me up. Ever, let alone you?”

His mouth is not forgiving, but he hasn’t taken any action.

Grace also knew him, and generally wouldn’t beat women.

“Don’t fool Janice’s feelings?” Grace warned him.

Irene angrily said, “Just allow Jacob to fool my sister, and forbid me to fool his sister? What the f*ck is this?”

Grace was so angry that she kicked it with a sweeping leg, and Irene was thrown to the ground.

“f*ck it, don’t overdo it. Do your hands on me again, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

Grace squatted on the ground, looking at Irene in embarrassment, “Assure me that you are not allowed to see Janice.”

Irene spit at her, “Bah. You take the mouse and take care of your business.”

Grace was so angry that she kicked Irene again.

Irene was beaten several times in a row. He was angry with his heart, clenched his fists and got up, waving his fists to Grace and said, “Come on, I never beat a woman, but you owe you too much to beat me today. I don’t beat you so that your parents don’t recognize you.”

After speaking, Irene swung a violent fist.

Grace dodged quickly.

Before Irene’s next sweeping leg came out, Grace jumped up and avoided his next move.

Irene was stunned, “There are two things!”

Grace evaded Irene’s attack while saying, “Irene, I am not here to fight with you. I want to tell you that you should go to the Zhan clan as soon as possible to sign a cooperation agreement for the preparation of the Xingyue script. In case the night is long and dreamy. .”

Irene punches mercilessly. He is also a tough guy who has been in the army. The punches were like wind, and several punches fell on Grace’s face.

Grace’s skin was extremely stingy, and she was expecting it to be red and swollen. At this moment, her face was blue and swollen.

“Irene-are you still not a man? What is your ability to beat women?” Grace can only adopt a curve to save the country, and force Irene to stop using the aggressive method.

Irene was also badly beaten, her face swollen like a pig’s head.

Two people look at me and I look at you.

Irene said, “I said for the last time, I will not cooperate with Jacob.”

Grace took out the management authority given to her by her father, the business card of the executive president of Yanshi Pictures, and handed it to Irene, and ordered, “I order you to go.”

Irene looked at the business card in disbelief, “f*ck-my dad is always confused, right? How can such an important position appoint outsiders?”

Then he looked at Grace with ulterior motives, “What benefit did you give my dad?”

Grace raised her fist and punched him on the nose.

Irene clutched his nose and shouted, “Why hit my old wound?”

Grace picked up Irene’s loose shirt collar and tightened his tie, the shirt instantly became tight. “Irene, I don’t care about the deep hatred between you and the Jacob, you must remember that for the Yan clan to rise, you must cooperate with the Zhan clan.”

Irene got up from the ground and patted the dust on his buttocks. Then looked at Grace’s face-terrible.

“Grace, don’t f*cking look at me with this kind of eyes. Your face is alive from the scene of the car accident. I will have nightmares when I look at you.”

Then turned and left angrily.

Grace was so angry that she grinned behind his back, “Irene-you are Liu Adou who can’t support the wall with mud!”

Irene paused slightly from his back. Angrily go.

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