Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 378

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Chapter 378

Fang Zhicao looked at Irene’s big pie face, “Don’t tell me, the place where she hit you and the place where Ling Bao hit you are really the same.”

Irene stared at Fang Zhicao blankly, “You said, is my sister resurrected?”

Fang Zhicao said silently, “Give you a big-headed ghost. It’s clear that she pretended to be a fool and deliberately deceived your father and son’s trust? I think it’s a mature commercial spy.”

Irene silently let go of Fang Zhicao’s hand, and his face became sad and sad.

Fang Zhi Caocheng held his chin firmly. “However, what is her intention of pretending to be Lingbao to approach Yan Shi?”

Irene said, “I have to expose her true colors, lest my dad is deceived by her.”

Speaking of dad. Irene also hates iron for failing to make steel, and he relentlessly vomited, “You said my dad has lived for most of his life, and his feet are almost buried in the loess. Why is he so incompetent?”

“You said me and him, who is the prodigal?”

Fang Zhicao glanced at him silently and said, “I see, your father and son are two, half a catty, each has its own merits.”

Irene sighed, “Hey. It would be nice if my grandfather and sister were still there.”

Because of Irene’s refusal to cooperate, Grace felt very helpless, and finally decided to come forward in person to settle the film and television contract case for Yan.

But when she actively contacted Jacob, Jacob seemed as if the world had evaporated, and no one answered his phone calls. He also avoided seeing her when she went to Media Asia to find him.

Grace felt very bad. The cooperation between the Yan family and the Zhan family was related to the entire lifeline of the Yan family. She must not go on any business trips.

Therefore, Grace took a different approach. On Wednesday, she appeared in the Calendar Garden early in the morning.

She thought she could stop the Jacob, but Zhang Ma told her, “Miss Luo, the young master is very busy these days, leaving early and returning late. If you have something to ask him, you’d better stay in the calendar garden and wait for him to return. “

Grace was afraid of missing him, so she had to ask Bai Suyuan to leave and stay in the calendar garden.

During the day, when the children went to the kindergarten, she was bored and wandered aimlessly in the garden of the villa.

This is the first time to observe this garden so carefully.

Rose red bougainvillea is everywhere on the fence in the garden.

Grace picked a bougainvillea and placed it in her palm, and gently rubbed the three rose petals. In the ears, the original jokes still sounded.

“Brother Jie, look, the bougainvillea is really amazing, three petals are tightly wrapped around the stamen. One is you, the other is me, and who is the other?”

“It’s their child.” Jacob was reading, and he said this without raising his head when he heard her.

At that time, she treasured Bougainvillea in her heart.

Bougainvillea, symbolizing the beautiful family she and him built.


It turned out that his inadvertent sentence was nothing more than a joke without thinking about it.

She stood there, weeping silently.

The garden was planted with thick jacarandas. The flowering period was over, only the green leaves and the straight trunks.

She always felt that if she had to use a plant to describe Jacob. It is none other than Jacaranda.

The body is tall and straight, as stalwart as a green hill. It can protect all weak shrubs, and can also bloom elegant trees and flowers.

The green is dazzling, the blue is intoxicating.

Grace sat down in the pavilion and sighed bitterly.

What happened to her today?

Why do you always think of the past that is so beautiful that it is not disturbing?

Finally she realized that she was seeing things and thinking about people.

Everywhere in this villa is the shadows of young people sprinting with grass and wood, brick and tile.

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