Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 379

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Chapter 379

In the evening, Jacob returned home with his three children.

Grace stood at the door with a lovely smile, and graciously accepted the briefcase in Jacob’s hand. “Master Zhan, I will help you get it.”

Jacob was surprised to see Grace, “Today is Thursday.” He reminded her.

Grace’s voice was as gentle as a spring breeze, “The war master worked hard for Huanya during the day and the children at night. It can be said that every day has everything to do. I just wanted to take the children when I was free and share part of the war master… ..”

“Speak English.”

Jacob stood in front of her, took off his suit jacket, his fingers just about to untie his tie.

Grace walked up to him again, “Master Zhan, I will help you.”

The green jade hand fell on his chest softly and bonelessly, like a flying butterfly on the flower, but it made him feel hot for no reason.

She is not very skilled, even clumsy.

Jacob squinted his eyes and looked at her, “I have something to ask?”

Grace took off the tie, but her hand stayed on his chest, squeezing an innocent smile at him.

“Zhan Ye is a well-known entrepreneur, and I heard that every year he seeks support and donations in various places. I don’t know who is going to donate this year.

Jacob’s brows and eyes were grinning, this girl was buried quite deep. “This year’s donors are full.”

He slowly removed her hand.

Grace took her coat over again and held it in her arms diligently, “What about next year?”


“What about the next year?” Grace asked persistently.

Jacob walked to the sofa area and sat down exhaustedly.

Grace hurriedly poured him another cup of hot tea, “Master War, drink tea.”

Pass it to him respectfully.

Jacob took the teacup, but placed it on the coffee table. To her, “For the next year, it’s too early to make a decision.”

Grace’s long eyelashes are drooping, why isn’t this guy fooled?


Grace looked up at him in surprise, “But what?”

“If I am in a particularly good mood, I might make an exception.” Jacob looked at her faintly.

“Master Zhan, are you in a bad mood?” Grace wondered.

This man can be described as the proud son of heaven. He is in a bad mood and is intolerable.

Jacob glared at her bitterly-the good cabbage he had raised was about to be offered by other men. Is he in a good mood?

“I heard that you are getting better with Bai Suyuan?” He said lightly.

Grace stunned.

Hasn’t this news been announced yet? How did he know?

Seeing his increasingly sullen expression on his face, he was obviously very angry about this incident.

Yes, she is the mother of his three children. For the sake of her children’s good reputation, she will restrain her mommy’s words and deeds!

For the contract, Grace decided to lie.

“Master Zhan, which god killer is this rumors? How could it be possible for Bai Suyuan and I? Even if I post to others, they will think that I am second-hand!”

Jacob frowned, the woman he used, who claimed to be second-hand, felt particularly uncomfortable.

“Well, that’s good. Don’t worry, I will take care of the rumors for you. And the bad media, I will also cleanup for you, so as not to affect your reputation.”

Grace: “…”

Ruthless enough.

Didn’t this make her and Bai Suyuan official declare no way?

“Thank you Zhan Ye.” She was anxious to kill him a thousand knives, but her face was humble and Shuliang, her molars squeaked.

Jacob picked up the teacup and took a sip elegantly.

Grace didn’t rest, and immediately ran behind him to pinch his shoulders and beat his back.

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