Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 380

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Chapter 380

“Master Zhan, are you in a better mood now?”

Jacob frowned and smiled.

He enjoys being served by her very much. As if she was his little wife. Such a scene is what he dares to hope in his dream.

He nodded.

Grace immediately sat in front of him, “Master Zhan, I have a small request.”

She stretched out her fingernails, “So small.”

Jacob was unambiguous, “No matter how small a request is, it is also a request.”

Grace saw the windshield rudder and said, “Yes, yes. Then, Master, can you agree to my request?”


“Donate to my friend?” She grabbed his hand improperly and shook it like a baby.

“No problem.” Jacob replied very simply.

“How much do you need?” he asked.

Grace smiled warmer than the sun, “War Lord, you don’t need cash and checks…just use your chapter.”

After finishing speaking, he said shamelessly, “Do you think this request is smaller than a fingernail?”


Using his chapter is tantamount to letting him sell himself. How can she say it?

Grace rushed upstairs, took down a document, turned directly to the page where the document was stamped, and handed it to Jacob.

Jacob’s face jumped instantly.

“Aren’t you trying to sell me?” Yinyin asked.

“Where is it? Even if I sell myself, I dare not sell you?”

Jacob tried to pull out the documents to look at the terms of the contract, but Grace held the contract tightly, seeming a little nervous.

Jacob ordered, “Go and pour me a glass of water.”

“Oh.” Grace answered obediently.

When she came back from pouring water, Jacob took up the contract and Yang said in front of her, “You are an employee of the Bai family, but you secretly worked for the Yancheng Yan family. How to explain?”

Grace wiped her tears and sobbed, “Warlord, you are a noble son born with a golden key, and you don’t understand the suffering of the poor like us. People from our poor families have to work several jobs part-time… To make enough money to pay the down payment for the house!”

Jacob’s face twitched, making it as if she was not born with a golden key.

Jacob lost the contract, Yingtong stared at Luo Shishi, “Grace, you should know that I am a businessman, and the businessman is only profitable. If you want me to sign the contract, what benefit will you give me?”

“In my next life, I will be a cow and a horse for you and repay you. How about?” Grace said impassionedly.

Jacob raised his jaw, “In this life…”

Grace: “…”

“I swear, take good care of your son, and take care of them every day, every day. How?” She put on a face like death.

Jacob’s face is gloomy, this girl wants to be beautiful.

Pinch her chin, “You don’t need to take care of my son, just take care of old master.”

Grace stunned. “The warlord… such a big person, do you still need to take care of it?” said tremblingly.

Jacob did not speak. Just staring at her with a pair of “natural” eyes.

“Don’t worry, Lord Zhan, it is Yan Shi who borrowed your money. Yan Shi will compensate you in the future… You said, how do you want me to compensate you?”

“The meat is paid.”

Grace opened her pupils in shock, whether this guy should be so straightforward.

“Stay with me for three months, I will sign the contract!” The evil spirit’s voice rang.

Three months?

Grace almost instinctively bargained, “Three days?”

“Okay!” Jacob frowned and smiled.

Grace regrets it, f*cking, was she fooled? This is not three months and three days at all?

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