Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 381

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Chapter 381

Jacob drafted an agreement and threw it to Grace for signature.

When Grace saw the contract details, she wanted to cry without tears.

Jacob asked her to accompany him on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of this month. As compensation, he will immediately sign a cooperation agreement with Yan in three days.

“Master Zhan, skin and flesh trading is illegal.” Grace tried to make the final struggle.

Jacob said indifferently, “You can choose to give up.”

The life and death of Yan’s enterprise was pressing Grace like a mountain. Grace gritted her teeth and signed her name on the contract.

Anyway, haven’t you never slept with him?

Why don’t you sleep more often?

Grace encouraged herself in her heart.

A tricky smile flashed through Jacob’s eyes.

Grace always felt that this guy’s eyes looked like he had counted the eighteenth generation of her ancestor.

Soon, Grace’s premonition was confirmed.

Bai Suyuan suddenly called her. Grace didn’t dare to answer his call in front of Jacob, so she hung up his call quickly.

Bai Suyuan persevered in the fight, she persevered in hanging.


Jacob Binghan’s voice commanded: “Take it!”

Grace turned on the button tremblingly, and Bai Suyuan’s gentle voice came.

“Grace, there is good news and bad news for you. Which one should I listen to first?”

“Bad.” Grace said weakly.

“Our personal social account was blocked by that bastard Jacob.”

“Also, he bought the hot search in the last three months, which means that our love officer has nowhere to go.”

Grace’s hand holding the phone trembled, and the phone almost slipped to the ground.

“What about the good news?” Grace asked.

Bai Suyuan’s voice became cheerful, “Zhan’s grandfather’s birthday is coming soon, on the 17th of this month. It is said that the Zhan family will vigorously organize the grandfather’s birthday this time. At that time, we will invite people with good looks in the place. Attending the Zhan Family’s banquet as a couple, you said, what would Jacob look like when he saw it?”

Bai Suyuan was excited when he thought of it, “I can’t wait to see his cheeky expression.”

Grace silently glanced at Jacob next to her at the moment. The man was as cold as an ice cellar, which was called the most powerful refrigerator.

Those violent eyes looked as if he dared to agree to Bai Suyuan’s proposal that he would eat her in the next second.

Grace quickly stammered, “Suyuan, the grandfather’s birthday, you still don’t go there!”

“Why?” Bai Suyuan was shocked.

“I’m afraid you will die without a corpse!” Grace hung up after speaking.

Moreover, Bai Suyuan said that the birthday of the old man was on the 17th of this month. Wasn’t it the day Jacob asked him to accompany him?

Imagining herself standing next to Jacob, Bai Suyuan’s expression after seeing them is probably uglier than Chi Xiang.

Grace hung up the phone, looked at Jacob tremblingly, and pleaded for Bai Suyuan: “Zhan Ye, Suyuan has been suffering from a particularly severe depression recently, and probably doesn’t want to live anymore. So he speaks a little silently. Don’t you Care about him!”

Jacob handed her a death gaze, “Su Yuan? Is it so affectionate?”

Grace shrank into a quail and said: “One less word, save effort!”

“Call him his full name from now on.” Jacob turned and left with a handsome face.


The day soon arrived on the 16th.

Early in the morning, when the phone’s ringing rang unexpectedly, Grace glanced at the three words “Big Devil” written on the screen, and wailed in despair.

Grace answered the call just before the ringtone disappeared.


“Grace, today is the 16th.”

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