Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 348

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Chapter 348

Wearing a jet black windbreaker, the person exudes a cold and evil temperament.

He is Kelly’s life savior-Fanshen!

A person who is admired by countless people.

When Elvira, Shaun, Zhang Boyu, and his sister reached the gymnasium, they were immediately attracted by the hand-painted poster of “Fan Shen”.

“Is this the Fanshen? It is said that this is Kelly’s hand-painted poster!”

“My God, Fanshen is so handsome…”

As a die-hard fan of Fanshen Fan Club, Elvira’s face flushed with excitement when she saw the poster of her idol.

When Zhang Boyu and his sister saw the side face of this god, they got slightly shocked.

“Elvira, have you noticed that this Fan God’s profile is somehow similar to Shaun?” Zhang Boyu frowned and said in confusion.

Next to him, Zhang Caier was looking back and forth between Shaun and Fanshen’s portrait, with an incredible expression on her face:

“Brother you are right! There is too much resemblance! Elvira, Shaun would be a god? Hahaha…”

As Zhang Caier said, she burst into laughter.

She was just joking.

She doesn’t know that Fanshen who is worshipped as a god by fans all over the world, is nothing else but Shaun.

Hearing the words of the brother and sister, Elvira on the side was also slightly dazed.

When she compared the side faces of Fan Shen and Shaun, there was a hint of weirdness on the same pretty face:

“Shaun, you… you look like my idol Fan Shen?”

“This is a coincidence!”

She said this.

For some reason, Elvira had an incredible thought in her mind.

Could it be that Shaun is the god?

That is why Kelly sent her Super VIP tickets, and also for Shaun?

“No… impossible!”

As soon as Elvira’s idea emerged, she shook her head and threw this idea out of her mind.

After all, in her thoughts only a character like Fanshen, can compose a piano piece randomly, can make a sensation in the global piano world, and easily write a song that can shock the entertainment circle.

How could such a character be her husband Shaun?

Just when they were thinking about it.

There was a playful voice next to them:

“Yeah! Isn’t this Elvira’s cousin? What? Are you guys here for the concert too?”

Hearing this voice, Elvira and others with her turned their heads to look.

Suddenly saw a young couple standing not far from them.

The young man looks fair and gentle, but his face is full of contempt and mockery.

Seeing this person, Elvira’s complexion got slightly ugly.

This person is her cousin.

Uncle Jian’s son Shen Jie.

Some time ago, Shaun’s family went to the engagement banquet, which was the engagement ceremony of Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao.

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