Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 347

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Chapter 347


As soon as Baishan said this, Zhang Boyu got extremely ecstatic.

These are super VIP tickets!

There were already a million people want to buy these tickets, and Bai Shan gave two VIP tickets to him, thinking this Zhang Boyu’s body started to tremble slightly and he said:

“Thank you, Uncle please rest assured, I will persuade the young master for sure!”

Zhang Boyu took the two tickets and then left quickly.

When everyone left.

Huh huh!

Baishan, Paula, and Elvira looked at Shaun.

“Parents, wife! You, why are you people looking at me like this?” Shaun’s expression became slightly stiff, and then said bitterly:

“That Duan Chun wanted to humiliate Elvira, so that is why I taught him a lesson!”

Shaun immediately thought that Elvira was not happy with him for beating Duan Chun.

“Shaun, this is not what we are asking!”

“You did it right to beat that bastard!”

Elvira with her beautiful eyes looked at Shaun, and then waved the ticket in her hand and said:

“What we want to ask you is, do these two tickets and Kelly have something to do with you?”

“How did you know?”

This word fell in Shaun’s ears!

Elvira and her parents stared at expressions of Shaun.

They seemed to see something on Shaun’s face.

However, what let them down is Shaun just shrugged faintly, and then said with a smile:

“This matter has nothing to do with me, I was just bragging!”

“Moreover, the assistant just said that Elvira is Kelly’s most valued friend, it must be Elvira!”


This sentence made Elvira and her parents did not believe it, but they had to believe it.

after all!

Assistant Li Qing didn’t look at Shaun just once but kept emphasizing that the person Kelly valued was Elvira.

“It’s strange! How could Kelly know that I am her die heart fan.”

Elvira’s face was full of doubts, but she couldn’t figure it out.

And beside her. Shaun showed expectation on his face. He also wanted to know how far the little girl who was in love with him grown this much.

Time flies!

The next day, Jiangshi Gymnasium has been decorated. At the entrance, there are huge posters of Kelly, the queen of Asia.

In particular, three flashing neon characters are hanging above the entrance.

Fan’s love!

Next to the neon big letters, there is a hand-painted back poster.

This is the back of a man. In painting, that person is looking back with one eye visible with a fierce look on his face.

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