Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 346

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Chapter 346


Everyone looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a monster.

After handing over tickets to Elvira, assistant Li Qing bowed slightly and said:

“Tickets have been delivered, Miss Elvira and Mr. Shaun, please come tomorrow!”

That’s it!

Li Qing waved her hand to everyone and then left.

However, just after she walked to Duan Chun’s side, her footsteps paused slightly, and then she looked at Duan Chun’s gaze with a hint of coldness:

“Mr. Duan Chun, although I don’t know what conflict has happened between you and Miss Elvira’s family!”

“But I want to tell you that Miss Elvira is Kelly’s most important friend! If you have any bad impressions of her then remember that Kelly will surely destroy you!”


Hearing this, Duan Chun’s bruised face got instantly pale.

He knows!

Kelly’s background is not as simple as it seems.

Behind this Asian queen, there is a super terrifying Big Mac family.

Not only him, but even the entire Red Maple Group is also nothing before the Mac family.

” I got it!”

Duan Chun’s eyelids twitched wildly, and then he replied.

Seeing this scene, Li Qing nodded in satisfaction and then left the Bai family’s house.

After Li Qing left, everyone in the courtyard is still in shock.

Send super VIP tickets!

Elvira is the most valued friend!

These two messages have simply subverted their views regarding the world.

And Duan Chun could only give Shaun a fierce look:

“Boy! Elvira is Kelly’s most valued friend, but you are nothing!”

“One day I will get revenge!”

After saying this, Duan Chun left with an angry face.

Zhang Boyu said to the Baishan family:

“Uncle, aunt, Elvira! I’m very sorry about this, and I didn’t expect this would happen!”

“Don’t worry, I will persuade the young master to forgive Shaun!”

Although Zhang Boyu looked down on Shaun, he was even jealous of Shaun.

But he knows!

Shaun is Elvira’s husband, so he can only try his best to persuade Duan Chun to forgive Shaun.

Hearing this!

Bai Shan and Paula got delighted, and immediately said:

“Bo Yu, kindly do something! Please persuade Duan Shao to forgive Shaun!”

“We can even compensate him! Just beg him not to trouble Shaun!”

That’s it!

Bai Shan took two Super VIP tickets from Elvira, and then handed over them to Zhang Boyu:

“By the way, your aunt and I are old, so we won’t go to the concert. These two tickets are for you and Caier!”

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