Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 389

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Chapter 389

Grace rushed over, and when she ran to the entrance of the cave, suddenly the wall near the entrance of the cave moved, blocking the entrance of the cave firmly.

The indoor lights also turned on at this time.

Grace turned around and saw Jue Zhan Han standing there with a sullen face, his hand pressing a button on the wall.

Grace stared blankly at the button, then turned to look at the sealed hole.

Could it be that he closed the hole?

“Master Zhan, I… I seem to be lost. I want to find the bathroom…” Grace walked out slowly, eyes drooping, subconsciously concealing what had just happened.

Jacob stretched out his hand, Grace was startled, then put her hand on his big hand.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you out.” He just woke up, but Grace was not seen by his side. At the moment he found her, his frowning brow stretched slightly.

Grace stared at the button fixedly, as if the button was a huge black hole, about to swallow her completely.

What is the secret here?

Is Jacob hiding something?

“Master Zhan, is this room so gloomy?” Grace said tremblingly, with a trace of temptation.

While she said, she secretly glanced at Jacob.

His perfect profile exudes a man’s unique clean breath, straight nose bridge, thin lips, and even the hair is clean and dust-free, as if covered with holy light.

But with this upright and open-minded appearance, would he pretend?

“Don’t you like it?” he asked indifferently.

Grace nodded, “There are no floor-to-ceiling windows, the light is very dark, and the shadow is too heavy. It is easy to attract dirty things.”

“Superstition.” Jacob criticized her.

When the words were over, his handsome eyebrows frowned again. She didn’t like it here, and it seemed that she had to change the bedroom to rest tonight.

Jacob took her hand and walked out of the dim attic. Even when he walked downstairs with plenty of light, Jacob didn’t mean to let her go.

“Come with me to the front for lunch.”

People are iron, and rice is steel. You cannot save food.

Grace nodded obediently, “Okay.”


The so-called “front” turned out to be the banquet hall where the war family entertained guests.

Grace lowered her head to think about things all the way. After Jacob led her into the crowded banquet hall, Grace recovered from the mess of thoughts.

At this time, Bai Suyuan was standing in the crowd, holding a wine glass, wearing a white suit, gentle and elegant, modest gentleman, smiling like a hot sun.

Grace saw him and turned around and ran.

Unexpectedly, what she expected actually happened, Bai Suyuan not only came, but also ran into it head-on!

It’s miserable now, so let’s go first.

However, Jacob grabbed her with quick eyesight and swiftly, tightly circled her into his arms, and then led her forward.

“What are you afraid of?”

“I…I’m not afraid! I just got a strange disease. When I get to crowded places, I will not breathe well, my cheeks will be feverish, and my heartbeat will accelerate…” Grace said nonsense seriously. .

“That’s shy.” Jacob exposed her tricks.

Grace is forced, can this be guessed?

This man is so good in study and so defying in the workplace. He didn’t expect to be clever without a teacher. It is jealous.

“Master Zhan, I can’t walk when I see a good-looking man. Can I not go with you?”

Jacob relentlessly exposed her lies: “Then every time you see me running fast, don’t you mean I don’t look good?”

Grace said with a guilty conscience: “You look good, you look better than other men.”

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