Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 388

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Chapter 388

Grace’s tears, after all, couldn’t hold back, like a torn sky, rustling down.

Wet the pillow.

Can she still believe him?

Her eyes are empty.

Finally, his eyes fell on the white marble floor and the carved handrails made of mahogany.

The handrail leads to a quiet upper floor, where the light is extremely dim.

“There is a crazy woman hiding in Daddy’s bed!”

In Grace’s mind, suddenly Jason’s trembling voice sounded.

Grace was so shocked that she couldn’t fall asleep anymore, she got up and put on her clothes, and walked up the stairs tiptoe.

The secrets in the attic not only made Zhan Yu panic, but also made her panic.

Who is the woman in the attic?


Xiangdingyuan, the layout of the buildings, has the characteristics of overlapping classical buildings. So the room is intricate and dimly lit.

Grace pushed open the door facing the handrail, and closed the door backhand after entering.

This is a small living room connected to the bedroom. The layout of the room is simple, with a waisted square table in the middle, a tea set on the table, and a few expensive red sandalwood carved chairs.

Doors are open on the left and right walls of the meeting room. Grace walked to the doorway on the right with a ghost. A narrow wooden door was gently pushed open. Grace got in carefully.

Inside is a bedroom, furnished with ancient wooden furniture from Ming and Qing Dynasties. The color conforms to the character of Jacob: dark and oppressive.

Looking at it, a floor-to-ceiling screen concealed the scenery behind, and the others were really clear at a glance.

Grace walked towards the screen, her heart tense for some reason. Unconsciously, her hands clenched into fists.

The hollow carved screens are combined with traditional Chinese paintings to appreciate both the elegance and the popular. Grace loves Chinese paintings, but at the moment she has no mood to appreciate paintings, holding her breath and slowly approaching the screen.

When you get close, you can see the scene behind the screen.

There is a censer behind the screen, and the soot exudes the smell of sandalwood.

There is a huge framed portrait hanging on the wall, and the man in the frame has loose clothes revealing his sexy collarbone. He also wears a necklace of skulls around his neck.

Those enchanting eyes were a bit lazy and coquettish, glamorous, lying on the bed.

And on him, there was a woman with a sexy back lying on her stomach.

Just a back, it is reminiscent of the magnificent and beautiful words.

Standing in front of the portrait, Grace saw the soft drowning eyes of men and women, and only felt that a heart had fallen into an endless abyss.

The man on the frame, whether it is the exquisite face, the faint and charming peach eyes, and the elegant aura exuding from the whole body, they are exactly the same as Jacob.

Jacob, he really has an unusual relationship with other women! The painting will be hung upright on the wall!

Grace’s heart throbbed, and her body staggered, hurriedly supporting the incense burner with both hands.

The hot temperature from the incense burner made Grace feel desperate again.

It seems that the smoke from the incense burner has never ceased to confess, and this room should have been living.

Jas was right, there was a woman in the attic!

Grace closed her eyes in pain, unwilling to face the secret she discovered.

But when I closed my eyes, some vague images appeared in my mind inexplicably. There was another voice: “Irene, I am not good enough for you. Let me go.”

That was the sound of Jacob’s pleading.

So real, as if it happened yesterday.

Grace opened her eyes suddenly, as if the devil was stunned, the whole person was stunned.

How is this going? She never remembered these things happened!

Vaguely felt that she seemed to have lost some precious things.

She tried to think about the missing images, trying to pick them up.

But her head suddenly hurt so severely that the whole room was spinning before her eyes.

In a trance, the walls began to move, and the layout of the room began to change.

Grace hugged her cracked head and tried to calm himself down.

But the room was spinning faster and faster in front of her eyes, and finally she had to close her eyes to resist the intense dizziness.

When she opened her eyes again, the room was settled.

A cramped hole appeared on the wall…

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