Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 387

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Chapter 387

Jacob returned to Xiangding Garden with Grace, and the family doctor quickly came over with the medicine box.

A comprehensive examination was done for Grace, and finally came to the conclusion: “Miss Luo is hypoemia caused by malnutrition.”

Jacob frowned as he looked at the test sheet marked with dense arrows.

After the doctor left, Jacob sat by the bed.

His eyes had painted Grace’s thin face, and his heart ached.

What life has she had in the past seven years?

Take care of the children so healthy, but take care of herself in a mess.

It seems that she must take some extraordinary measures.

When Grace woke up, she saw Jacob’s three hundred and sixty-five degrees with no dead ends, looking at him sadly.

Seeing his expensive face suddenly turned into a melancholy face, Grace felt greatly unclear.

Holding Jacob’s hand in fear, “Master Zhan, am I going to die?”

There was a playful look in Jacob’s eyes.

“What’s the last word?” asked her very calmly.

“I… after I die, can you… keep a widow for me?” The pupils, who were as clear as a deer, blinked and murmured in embarrassment.


“If you have to find a stepmother for Jas, can you find a girl who is as soft as me? It’s best to fight and fight Derek, fight and fight without winning Jas, be a demon and be a child Bao’s woman is better. This way I will look down at Jiuquan.”

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched suddenly.

“Can’t worry about the child?”

Grace red eyes, “Yes.”

“Then give me a good life. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that I will find some woman to abuse your child.”

Grace got up in shock, “Zhan Ye, do you want to be so cruel, that’s your child?”

As a result, Grace was ecstatic, suddenly aware that she was acting freely. “I’m all right?”

Jacob looked at the cute little woman, he couldn’t help but laugh when he thought about the children carefully before “dying”

He picked her up and put her on top of him, holding her face and kissing.

When Grace realized what was going to happen next, she immediately blushed and protested loudly, “Master War, am I sick?”

Jacob teased her shamelessly in her ear, “I will be very light!”

After one round, Grace lay tiredly on the bed, she had no right to resist at all, okay!

“Baby, let’s get married!”

At this time, Jacob’s low mellow voice suddenly passed into Grace’s ears, his tone with stubborn persistence.

Grace couldn’t help stiffening, something seemed to be slowly breaking apart in her heart.

The baby Jacob really hooked out the love and hatred of her two lives.

She remembered that in his previous life, he called her that every time he was drunk.

She clearly saw strong desire in his eyes, but no matter how she teases him, he still won’t want her.

At that time, she was happily thinking that he respected her.

Only now did she know that he was disdainful of asking her.

Today, he called her baby again?

A man is really a thinking animal in the lower body. He can be called Baby Irene or Baby Grace. As long as he is in love with her, he can call anyone!

sc*mbag, why didn’t she recognize him in her last life?

Grace desperately forced the tears in her eyes back and recovered her calm, “Zhan Ye, are you sincere?”

He put her hand on his heart, his voice was aggrieved, “I will tell you this answer for a lifetime.”

He fell asleep peacefully beside her.

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