Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 354

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Chapter 354

“Oh my God, I don’t know anything about the piano, but I’m so passionate about it. The person who improves piano music is a god!”

At this moment, Shen Jie admired the person who has improved this piano music.


If he knew that, this song was improved by Shaun, then his whole view will change about the world.

And at the forefront in the Super VIP area Elvira, Zhang Boyu, and his sister although they had heard it in the western restaurant before.

But now, when they heard it again, they still got overwhelmed.

“Shaun, everyone thinks he is a waste person! But who can imagine that his random improvement will create a magical melody of music.” Zhang Boyu and Zhang Caier looked at each other.

At this moment, the brother and sister just smiled at each other with a trace of bitterness in their hearts.


And the people below were all gone mad.

Suddenly they saw that a beam of light lit up on the stage, from top to bottom.

Then, densely packed rose petals, under the reflection of the beam of light, slowly fell from the sky above the stage.

It seems to be raining all over the stage.

This scene is extremely beautiful.

Not only that!

“Look, it’s Kelly!”


Following the scream of a fan, everyone below suddenly saw that in the rain of roses, a girl in a snow-white dress, hanging Wia, slowly flew down from the sky above the stage.

It’s like floating like an immortal, not cannibalistic.

She is the Asian queen, the goddess of the Chinese nation-Kelly!

Until Kelly reached the stage against the backdrop of the sky full of rose petals.

She took the lead down and bowed.

Especially when she opened her mouth, all the fans down there went crazy like hell.

“Thank you all for coming to join the Fanzhilian concert. Besides, thank you for the arrival of a special audience!”

“He is a god!”


As soon as these words came out, in the entire stadium, tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans suddenly became quiet.

Whether it’s the rich, young, and big guys in the VIP area or the many fans and spectators in the scattered ticket area, they can hardly believe what they heard?

Where… Where is God?

The stadium, which is full of tens of thousands of people, is silent. Everyone looking at each other with an unbelievable face.


An entertainment industry leader sitting in front of the VIP swallowed spit, and asked the person next to him in disbelief:

“What did I hear just now? Fan…Fan god is here?”

“I… I have heard it too? But how is this possible!”


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