Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 355

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Chapter 355

Not just the VIP area!

Many fans in the scattered tickets area were even more embarrassed and surprised.

Huh huh!

With tens of thousands of gazes, they all looked at Kelly on the stage, seeming to be confirming.

Seeing this scene!

Kelly’s pretty face also got excited, and she nodded and said seriously:

“Everyone heard it right, I just said it!”

“Today, we have a special guest at the concert. He is the creator of all my masterpieces, who changed my destiny and gave me a new life-the god!”


As the confirmed words fell, all the people down there almost started, and they did not believe their ears.

Countless noises and cheers, from every corner.

“Oh my God! Fanshen, is he finally showing his face?”

“My idol, I have enjoyed all Kelly’s concerts in three years, and I have not missed a single show, in a hope to see My great idol!”






The sound of the entire concert was overwhelming, as if an earthquake occurred, shaking the entire stadium.

In the super VIP area, when Elvira and Zhang Boyu, and his sister heard that the gods are here, then the three of them stood up in excitement.

Especially Elvira!

She pressed her hand tightly to her small mouth, and her eyes got wet with excitement:

“Fan…Fan god! Is the idol finally showing up?”

Elvira’s delicate body trembled a little.

Seeing this scene!

Shaun on the side twitches his mouth slightly.

I sleep in the same room with you every day, inseparable from you every day, silly wife, why are you so excited?

Although Shaun complained in his heart, looking at Elvira’s excited appearance, a touch of contemplation appeared in his eyes.

“Perhaps, I should fulfill my wife’s wish!”

Shaun said to himself!

He looked at the stage above as if making up his mind to make some kind of decision.

At this moment, looking at the excitement of many fans below.

Kelly’s emotions became more and more excited.

Her eyes swept across Shaun’s direction deeply, and then continued to say to the people below:

“I know, since my first concert, many of you have been waiting with me!”

“Waiting for one after another! It has been three years, 36 concerts! Just to meet the idol for all of us!”

“Today, he is here!”

That’s it!

Kelly’s beautiful eyes swept past Elvira’s position insignificantly, and a trace of loss appeared on her pretty face:

“Although, I don’t know, will Fan Shen appear on this stage tonight!”

“But I’m very thankful to him!”

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