Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 353

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Chapter 353

Elvira next to him with her beautiful eyes are looking towards Shaun, the tenderness in her eyes couldn’t hide.

Even Zhang Boyu and Zhang Caier next also looked at the location of Shaun, with deep complexity and shock.

I’m afraid that no one would have imagined that this piano piece that shocked the world was improved by him.

Thinking of this!

The corners of Zhang Boyu’s lips showed a deep wry smile and complexity.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the gym got quiet.

There were as many as 10,000 people, but they didn’t even make a sound. All of them closed their eyes and were immersed in the invigorating and dripping music.

Everyone can only feel their cells, cheering and jumping with the beating of the notes.

Divine music!

The opening music alone has made people go mad. This piece of music has gone far beyond the scope of piano music and reached a spiritual and physical sublimation.

Until the piano music slowly ended.

Everyone in the entire stadium seems to have not reacted to that wonderful rhythm.

be quiet!

Everyone opened their eyes slowly, and there was a deep confusion in their eyes.

It’s like entering a brief state of amnesia.

who am I?

where am I?

At this moment, everyone felt that they had returned to reality from the ocean of wonderful music.

The moment when everyone is fully awake.


The entire stadium got completely exploded.

The bursts of cheers and applause swept like a mountain whistling a tsunami.

“Oh my god, is this…is this really just piano music? Why do I just feel that all cells in my body are shaking? It’s like having a nerve massage!”

“Yeah, I had never listened to this kind of music in my entire life. Although I have only a little understanding of piano music, I can only say that it is awesome!”

“Shenren! I really can’t imagine what kind of musical monster in Jiang Shi has improved this song “The Love of Gift to Fan”!”


Almost every corner of the stadium is filled with all kinds of fanatical discussions and admiration.

In everyone’s heart.

Only this improved piano piece seems to have been worth the fare, so many fans are extremely grateful to the one who has improved this “Love of Gifts”.

Even Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao, who has been in a violent mood, reacted the same as the fans around them. Their faces flushed with excitement.

“Dear, this piano music is so nice, thank you for bringing me here!” Zhou Xiao said with excitement.

And Shen Jie, after the baptism of this piano music, seems to have completely forgotten the embarrassment.

His face was full of enthusiasm and excitement:

“Neither did I expect that there would be such a great man in Jiang City!”

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