Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 395

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Chapter 395

Jacob’s eyes were as sharp as a knife, and Irene’s voice became smaller and smaller under his death gaze, “Would you like to prove it to you? Don’t you like this Miss Grace too?”

Both Janice and Grace wanted to praise Irene for his wit.

Jacob squinted at Grace, “What do you think?”

Grace stood on Irene’s side almost without hesitation: “Lead by example, can convince people with reason.”

Jacob said, “Then what do you want?”

“I can’t afford what I want,” Grace whispered.

“As long as you want, as long as I have it.” Jacob said.

Grace was terrified, what was the excitement of this guy?

Grace thought for a while, “I want a luxury car villa, and I want company shares—”

Grace mischievously uttered the generous benefits, and then stared at Jacob mischievously, wanting to see the scene where he slapped his face.


Grace was dumbfounded. The prank escalated, “I want to fight for my wife’s identity.”


Grace gritted her teeth, “Then…can you put what you just said into a written form and sign it?”

Jacob laughed, “Yeah.”

Janice was stimulated and shook Zhengzheng’s arm, and began to act like a baby. “Zhengzheng, you see how much my brother loves my sister-in-law. How about you?”

Irene took Janice into his arms and looked at Jacob provocatively, “I can also give you all of mine, and I don’t have to have that trouble to sign a written agreement. I can give everything I have at any time you.”

Jacob sneered, “Did you transfer your tens of billions of debt to her?”

Irene coughed up…

Then he blushed and said with a heartbeat, “You misunderstood, I meant to pack myself and give it to her.”

“Before you have repaid your tens of billions of debts, you dare to try Janice.” Jacob gritted his teeth.

Irene took his hand out of Janice’s arm, his expression frustrated.

Grace murmured, “True love is priceless.”

Jacob looked at Grace nonchalantly. These brothers and sisters were enemies, and they were either quarreling or fighting. But it did not affect the deep affection of brothers and sisters.

In Irene’s eyes, Zhengzheng could only be bullied by her. Outsiders dare to bully him, he feels it is not allowed.

The same is true for Irene!

Right now, Irene did not accept Grace’s affection, “Grace, which one are you on?”

Grace looked at him with a hatred of iron and steel, “Janice has a simple mind and is serious about love. I don’t want her to be deceived.”

Janice said, “Sister-in-law, thank you for caring about me so much. I am really touched. Don’t worry, Zhengzheng and we really love each other.”

After Janice finished speaking, she grabbed Irene’s hand and raised it up, two heart-shaped diamond rings shining brightly in the sun.

Grace no longer said much, but Jacob’s face was dark.

Janice looked at the black face Bao Gong Jacob, and suddenly thought about it. If she could allow her eldest brother to have more contact with Irene and let her eldest brother see the true feelings of Zhengzheng, the eldest brother would not reject Zhengzheng so much.

“Big brother and sister-in-law, let’s go to the banquet hall for dinner.” Janice suggested.

Jacob glanced at Grace, and she had been staring at Irene “lovely”.

Jacob responded, “Let’s go!”

Noon has passed, and today is not the day of the birthday of the grandfather, the number of passengers in the banquet hall is not large, only sparse guests are still dining.

Janice occupies the hollow compartment next to the window, and four people take their seats one by one.

Grace was watching her brother all the way, trying to get an insight into his life and his sense of happiness from his face. Irene sat down next to Janice, and she sat down next to Irene.

Irene quietly reprimanded her. “Grace, don’t stare at me with that kind of affectionate eyes, Shao Zhan will be jealous of me.”

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