Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 394

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Chapter 394

She was fired by Bai’s?

This means that she can’t avenge Yan’s family and catch Bai’s inner ghost.

Jacob folded his arms and looked at the dejected woman, and said sarcastically: “Why, reluctant?”

Grace stared at Jacob indignantly: “You forced him to fire me, right?”

“No.” Jacob told the truth.

He just kept Bai Suyuan away from Grace, but didn’t let him dismiss her.

Grace clenched her fists with anger, and felt that this guy was not only deep in the city, but also inconsistent in appearance and asshole.

Jacob put his hands lazily in his trouser pockets.

“You want revolutionary partners. Bai Suyuan is not suitable for people who are not firm. Why not consider me?”

“Gao can’t afford it.” Grace exclaimed.

“At least I am very loyal to you.”

Grace gave him a blank look: “Believing your nonsense is a fool.”

Jacob: “…”

There is no man more loyal to her than him!

“Let’s go!” Jacob said.

Grace did not move.

Jacob looked at the angry little woman helplessly, “Grace, don’t you feel like sitting here?”

“Leave me alone!”

Jacob exhausted his patience, stepped forward, and suddenly picked up his princess.

“You let me down.”

Jacob completely ignored her and walked forward holding her.

Just a few steps away, they saw Janice and Irene approaching each other, holding hands, talking and laughing, intimate.

Grace immediately shrank her head in Jacob’s arms.

“Are you a tortoise with a shrunken head? When you see someone, you have to shrink your head into your shell!” Jacob teased her.

“I am a tortoise, and you are the bastard.” Grace snapped at him sharply.

Jacob: “…”

“Big Brother?” Seeing Jacob, Janice and Zhengzheng were stunned.

Jacob’s cold eyes fell on Janice and Irene’s tightly clasped hands, and he snapped, “Let go of your hands.”

“Big Brother, you said that you don’t care about my private life. What are you talking about?” Janice grumbled aggrievedly.

Jacob hates that iron cannot become a steel road. “I don’t care about you. I’m afraid you, the second young lady, will be sold and help others count the money?”

A guilty gaze drifted across Irene’s eyes.

Janice was dazzled by love. One hand encircled Irene’s arm and said, “Irene and I are in love with each other. We truly love each other.”

Jacob looked at Grace, “Bai Suyuan said just now that he and Grace are also happy, but now he sees Grace running faster than the rabbit. Is this what you call true love?”

Grace: “…”

Janice looked at Grace sympathetically, “Sister-in-law, when did my brother become a love law enforcement officer? But if you want to act with other men, you should be more serious—”

Jacob stared at Janice with cold eyes.

Janice was silent.

“Janice, if you and Irene love each other sincerely, then prove it to me.”

Irene immediately yelled unruly, “How do we prove true love? Do you want to give you a live broadcast?”

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