Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 393

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Chapter 393

Bai Suyuan’s smile disappeared a little bit-like an hourglass, desperately trying to stabilize his mind, but revealed more fear.

He once again felt the terrible of Jacob.

“Using Grace is nothing more than wanting me to hate you. Want me to destroy the Bai family for you?”

All of Bai Suyuan’s disguise was ruthlessly dismantled by Jacob, and Chi Guoguo revealed his fragility.

A handsome face is as white as paper! Even his body trembled.

But, soon he raised his head in confusion and asked suspiciously, “Master, I didn’t mean that.”

He did not believe that Jacob would know his sinister intentions.

After so many years of disguise, Jacob didn’t have much overlap with him, and it was impossible for him to gain insight into his true intentions of returning to the Bai family so quickly.

“Make a deal!” Jacob closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the strong man’s desire for manipulation suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Bai Suyuan tentatively asked, “What to do?”

“Your mother’s hatred, I will retaliate for you. What do you think of this bargaining chip?” Jacob’s voice was light and fluttering, but like a rolling stone, a huge pit was exploded in Bai Suyuan’s heart.

Bai Suyuan fought like a trapped beast, “War Lord, my mother committed suicide by jumping off the building, and has no enemies.”

“If you committed suicide by jumping off the building, you know best in your heart.”

Bai Suyuan’s hands hidden under his sleeves trembled violently.

The secrets that have been kept in his heart for many years are like a devil clamoring to rush out of the body.

When his mother jumped off the building, he happened to be hiding in the closet at home. Through the tiny slit in the closet door, he saw a scene that he shouldn’t have seen.

His dad brought Xiao San back and rolled the sheets in front of the f*cking face. His mother became angry, and angrily proposed a divorce resolution.

But his father, he didn’t want his mother to take away his property, so together with the woman, he pushed his mother downstairs, but forged the perjury of his mother’s fall.

When he was young, he could do nothing but protect himself. He pretended that he was not at the scene of the crime, and then applied to a foreign school, hurriedly fleeing the sad place.

When he was a teenager, he had suffered a lot in foreign countries, but he still used the determination to force himself to become stronger and to seek justice for his mother.

After so many years of disguise, how could he be seen through by Jacob?

Bai Suyuan tremblingly asked: “How did you know?”

For the first time he felt the horror of this man.

Jacob’s face showed a sad, wry smile.

Seven years ago, in order to investigate the cause of death of Irene, all business partners who had a relationship with the Yan family were investigated by him.

As a result, he didn’t get the information he wanted, instead investigating countless scandals of major wealthy families.

Jacob was silent, and Bai Suyuan knew that he had asked an unanswered question.

“Zhan Shao, then what am I—what is the bargaining chip?”

A cold light shot from Jacob’s pupils, “Stay away from Grace!”

Bai Suyuan was startled, that’s it?

This transaction feels like making him a lot of money.


After a long while.

When Grace saw the two people come out, her gaze fell on Bai Suyuan, “Suyuan, he didn’t embarrass you, right?”

Bai Suyuan shrugged, smiling barely, “rose, I’m very sorry, starting today, you have been fired by Bai.”

Grace was dumbfounded: “Bai Suyuan, where is our revolutionary friendship? The revolution has not yet succeeded, we still need to work hard! Why did you defeat the enemy’s sugar-coated shells so quickly?”

“Sorry, rose!”

Grace wanted to ask him what was going on, but when she saw that Bai Suyuan was rushing to reincarnate, she walked quickly and left.

Grace was hit hard, and for a moment, her head was blown apart by a bomber, and she staggered and sat back on her chair in dizziness.

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